Why the Angels Should Place Mike Trout on the DL

August 9, 2018 | insideinjuries | No Comments

Mike Trout hasn’t appeared in a game since jamming his wrist on August 1st. So why didn’t the Angels place him on the DL? The simple answer is that they didn’t think this would be an injury that would linger for over a week. And if they didn’t need to lose their superstar for 10 days, they would rather lose a spot on the bench and have one less player available.

But here we are, well over a week since Trout injured his wrist, and he still isn’t back in the lineup. Trout received a cortisone injection on Monday to help with inflammation. Players typically need at least two days to recover after this. Trout has hit that mark and is showing improvement, but Friday remains the earliest he will take the field. On Thursday he is going to test out his wrist by throwing and taking some swings. If that goes well he will take batting practice Friday and could return over the weekend.

The Angels have done surprisingly well without Trout in the lineup, going 4-3. But Trout’s .309 average, 30 HRs and MLB-high 1.083 OPS will certainly be missed if Trout continues to miss time.

Unfortunately our algorithm is showing that he needs three weeks for the thumb to fully heal. Of course he is expected to return well before then, but his Injury Risk will remain very High. His Health Performance Factor is also Poor, an indication that this injury will sap his power throughout August.