Fantasy Draft Cheat Sheet

ADP Player Pos Team IRC IRC Category HPF HPF Category Games Played Significant Injuries Fantasy Draft Analysis
not rankedAdam JonesCFOrioles24.8%High70.1%Above Average2017: 147 2016: 152 2015: 137[none]Looking for a consistent; reliable; low cost outfielder? Look no further than Adam Jones. He doesnt have any concerning injuries; hes Low Risk; and he has hit 25+ home runs in seven straight seasons.
not rankedAdrián Béltre3BRangers47.8%High67.4%Above Average2017: 94 2016: 153 2015: 143multiple calf strains (2017); left hamstring strain (2017); left thumb sprain (2015)A series of lower body injuries lead to a rough season for Beltre; who battled recurring calf strains and a hamstring strain. Its a red flag when these types of injuries to an aging player start to pile up. Beltre cant be trusted to stay healthy enough to be worth a top 100 draft pick.
not rankedAndrew McCutchenRFGiants27.8%High65.4%Above Average2017: 156 2016: 153 2015: 157[none]Over the last 7 seasons; McCutchen has averaged 155 games per year. That proves his durability; but also raises some concerns due to the wear and tear he has placed on his body. He should be a top 100 player again this season; but at 31 the red flags are there.
not rankedAndrew MillerRPIndians30.6%High68.4%Above Average2017: 57 2016: 70 2015: 60right patellar tendinitis (2017); right wrist chip fracture (2016); left forearm strain (2015)
not rankedAroldis ChapmanRPYankees12.5%Low88.4%Peak2017: 52 2016: 59 2015: 28hamstring strain (2017); left shoulder rotator cuff inflammation (2017)Chapman required a trip to the DL last season as he battled rotator cuff inflammation in his left shoulder. If he can stay healthy (he should- hes back at Low Risk); he should be in line for another season as one of the leagues best closers.
not rankedBrandon MorrowRPCubs13.3%Elevated59.7%Below Average2017: 45 2016: 18 2015: 5should impingement-surgery (2015)
not rankedBrett GardnerLFYankees25.3%High51.2%Below Average2017: 151 2016: 148 2015: 151[none]
not rankedBuster PoseyCGiants35.3%High63.3%Below Average2017: 140 2016: 146 2015: 150concussion (2017); left thumb strain (2017)Poseys run as the leagues top fantasy catcher has come to an end with the arrival of Gary Sanchez; but he still provides nice numbers. He comes with a high cost; though; and he has a lot of wear and tear on his body. Dont overpay.
not rankedCarlos CarrascoSPIndians23.3%Elevated71.8%Above Average2017: 32 2016: 25 2015: 30left pectoral tightness (2017); elbow swelling (2017); right hand fracture (2016); hamstring strain (2016); right shoulder inflammation (2015)Carlos Carrasco is good enough to be a top 10 starting pitcher; but he has quite a few injuries to his name. In just the last three seasons; he has battled left pectoral tightness; elbow swelling; a hand fracture; hamstring strain; and shoulder inflammation. He has the stuff of an ace; but he cant be a top pitcher if he doesnt stay healthy. Maybe this year will finally be the year.
not rankedCarlos Santana1BPhillies10.6%Low87.1%Peak2017: 154 2016: 158 2015: 154[none]
not rankedCharlie MortonSPAstros4.3%Low97%Peak2017: 25 2016: 4 2015: 23right lat strain (2017); torn hamstring (2016); hip injury (2015)
not rankedChris Davis1BOrioles16.9%Elevated83.4%Peak2017: 128 2016: 157 2015: 160elbow soreness (2018), right oblique strain (2017)A right forearm/elbow injury bothered Davis early on at training camp and was serious enough that he received a cortisone injection. He has returned to the lineup and should be ready on Opening Day, but he still needs to be cautious. Don\'t forget that Davis also missed a month last season with an oblique strain. He isn\'t out of the woods just yet.
not rankedChris SaleSPRed Sox5.3%Low91.8%Peak2017: 32 2016: 32 2015: 31right foot fracture (2015)Chris Sale hasnt had any injury concerns since a right foot fracture in 2015. Hes Low Risk and a great target in the second round.
not rankedClayton KershawSPDodgers41.4%High57.2%Below Average2017: 27 2016: 21 2015: 33lower back strain (2017); herniated disc (2016)Clayton Kershaws back injuries are concerning; and once again it is a red flag that cant be ignored before drafting him. He missed 10 weeks in 2016 and then 5 weeks in 2017 with a lower back strain. Kershaw is a High Risk; High Reward starting pitcher; but his ceiling is higher than any other pitcher if he stays healthy.
not rankedCole HamelsSPRangers14.4%Elevated83.1%Peak2017: 24 2016: 32 2015: 32oblique strain (2017)
not rankedCraig KimbrelRPRed Sox12.8%Low89%Peak2017: 67 2016: 57 2015: 61left meniscus tear (2016)2016 was a tough year for Kimbrel as he needed surgery to repair a meniscus tear in his left knee. He bounced back last season and should once again be one of the leagues best closers now that he is a Low Injury Risk.
not rankedDaniel Murphy1BNationals49.4%High66.9%Above Average2017: 144 2016: 142 2015: 130debridement and microfracture knee surgery (2017); left quad strain (2015); MCL tear (2011)Stay away from Daniel Murphy! He was great in 2017; playing his way into elite status; but the knee surgery he had is a very intense procedure. Microfracture surgery is needed when there is extensive cartilage damage; and it comes with an Optimal Recovery Time of 9+ months. He may be a strong fantasy assett late in the year; but he wont contribute much over the first few months of the season.
not rankedDanny DuffySPRoyals20.6%Elevated74.3%Above Average2017: 24 2016: 42 2015: 30left elbow surgery (2017); left elbow impingement (2017); oblique strain (2017); left biceps tendinitis (2015)
not rankedDavid PriceSPRed Sox28.1%High68.8%Above Average2017: 16 2016: 35 2015: 32left elbow strain (2017)For the first time in his career, an injury lead to a rough season for Price. He started off Spring Training with an elbow strain that delayed his season debut until May. His elbow soreness popped up again in July and landed him on the DL. He has done well so far this spring, but it remains a concern. Proceed with caution before drafting him. This could resurface again.
not rankedDee Gordon2BMariners20.6%Elevated85.1%Peak2017: 158 2016: 79 2015: 145dislocated left thumb (2015)Over the last four seasons; Gordon has 212 stolen bases in 530 games. That alone makes him an incredibly valuable fantasy assett. The key for a speed player like Gordon is in avoiding any lower body injury; but he has done that throughout his career. You know what youre getting when you draft Gordon; and theres no reason to believe this year will be any different.
not rankedDexter FowlerRFCardinals40.6%High64.6%Below Average2017: 118 2016: 125 2015: 156left wrist strain (2017), right heel spur (2017), right hamstring strain (2016)
not rankedEduardo Núñez2BRed Sox25%High69.7%Above Average2017: 114 2016: 141 2015: 72right knee PCL strain (2017); hamstring strain (2017); oblique strain (2015)
not rankedEdwin EncarnaciónDHIndians20%Elevated77.2%Above Average2017: 157 2016: 160 2015: 146oblique strain (2016)With no injury concerns to his name; Encarnacion is incredibly low risk for a 1B/DH. He has 40 homerun; 100+ RBI potential once again this year and should have a lot of success if he can keep his walk rate up and his strikeout rate under 20% again. The only real red flag is his age as he enters his age-35 season.
not rankedElvis AndrusSSRangers31.4%High67%Above Average2017: 158 2016: 147 2015: 160back spasms (2018)Andrus missed some time early at Training Camp due to back spasms; but he is feeling good after his Spring Training debut. This isnt a major issue; but any back injury is concerning. Keep an eye on him over the next few months and dont take a risk and take him in the top 50.
not rankedEric Hosmer1BPadres8.9%Low90.5%Peak2017: 162 2016: 158 2015: 158[none]Eric Hosmer is a great target as a mid-tier first baseman. He has no serious injuries and has missed just 8 games over the last three seasons. Draft him with confidence.
not rankedEric Thames1BBrewers50.3%High65.7%Above Average2017: 138 2016: N/A 2015: N/A[none]
not rankedEvan Longoria3BGiants50.9%High5.5%Poor2017: 156 2016: 160 2015: 160left ankle/foot injury (2018)Longoria missed a week in the middle of March due to soreness around his foot/ankle. It\'s not going to force him to miss any regular season games, but his injury risk is increased. There\'s some concern that this could affect his play early in the season.
not rankedFreddie Freeman1BBraves22%Elevated81.9%Peak2017: 117 2016: 158 2015: 118left wrist fracture (2017); right middle finger sprain (2016); rib fracture (2016); oblique strain (2015); right wrist bone bruise (2015)Freeman was one of the many MVP candidates to suffer a serious injury in the middle of the season. He missed 7 weeks after fracturing his wrist and struggled to regain his power late in the year. That shouldnt be an issue now. If Freddie can stay healthy (a big if); he should be a top 3 first baseman this season.
not rankedGio GonzálezSPNationals0.3%Low97%Peak2017: 32 2016: 32 2015: 31[none]
not rankedYoenis CéspedesLFMets42.5%High63.8%Below Average2017: 81 2016: 132 2015: 159shoulder soreness (2018), wrist sprain (2018), 3 hamstring strains (2017); quad strain (2016)The season hasn\'t started yet and Cespedes is already battling multiple injuries. Last year he was plagued by multiple hamstring strains, then early at Spring Training he experienced shoulder soreness. Now it\'s a wrist sprain. Cespedes is way too risky to draft at his current ADP and is going to be a High Injury Risk for awhile.
not rankedIan Desmond1BRockies12.8%Low87.9%Peak2017: 95 2016: 156 2015: 156left hand fracture (2017); multiple right calf strain (2017)Desmond played played in just 95 games last season due to a left hand fracture and a series of calf strains. He has high upside as a runner and 15+ home run hitter, but injuries could get in the way. He\'s a High Risk, High Reward option.
not rankedIan Kinsler2BAngels23.3%Elevated77.2%Above Average2017: 139 2016: 153 2015: 154left hamstring strain (2017); concussion (2016)
not rankedJake ArrietaSPPhillies4.7%Low91.8%Peak2017: 30 2016: 31 2015: 33[none]While Arrieta doesnt have any real injury concerns; he did show a drop in his velocity over the last few years. Thats always concerning for a starting pitcher. He will be good for at least 30 starts again this year; but expect some inconsistent performances.
not rankedJason Kipnis2BIndians35.8%High59.9%Below Average2015: 141 2016: 156 2017: 90right hamstring strain (2017), neck spasms (2017), inflammation in right rotator cuff (2017),
not rankedWil MyersRFPadres51.9%High61%Below Average2017: 155 2016: 157 2015: 60wrist surgery to remove bone spurs (2015); wrist tendinitis (2015)Myers has a history of wrist injuries; but he overcame them over the last two seasons. His power has improved and he typically puts up solid steals numbers. He will be a borderline top 10 1B this year.
not rankedJay BruceRFMets36.7%High40.2%Below Average2017: 146 2016: 147 2015: 157neck injury (2017)
not rankedJeff SamardzijaSPGiants8.3%Low86.9%Peak2017: 32 2016: 32 2015: 32right pectoral strain (2018)Samardzija is going to start the season on the DL. He felt pain near his pitching shoulder earlier in the week and underwent an MRI, which showed a right pectoral strain. He will rest 10 days then test out the shoulder. Our algorithm is showing a four week Optimal Recovery Time.
not rankedJoey Votto1BReds7.8%Low91.7%Peak2017: 162 2016: 158 2015: 158[none]Joey Votto is a borderline first round fantasy pick this season; but the one thing that should make him a sure-thing is his health. He has played in at least 158 games each of the last three seasons and doesnt have any serious injuries to his name since the 2014 season.
not rankedJohnny CuetoSPGiants33.1%High67.2%Above Average2017: 25 2016: 32 2015: 32right hand blister (2017)
not rankedJon LesterSPCubs10%Low87.3%Peak2017: 32 2016: 32 2015: 32left lat strain (2017); left shoulder tightness (2017)Jon Lester is as durable and consistent as they come. In every single season from 2008-2017; Lester has made at least 31 starts. Hes usually good for around 200 strikeouts and 13+ wins. Now Lester did land on the DL late last season due to a left lat strain; and he experienced shoulder tightness. But these arent a concern going forward. Hes as reliable as starting pitchers come; especially at his current ADP.
not rankedJosh Donaldson3BBlue Jays39.4%High67.7%Above Average2017: 113 2016: 155 2015: 158multiple right calf strains (2017)A series of calf strains nearly ruined Josh Donaldsons 2017 season. He came on strong late in the year and should be healthy entering the season. Be on the lookout for any sign of a lower body strain/soreness. It could be a sign of bad things to come.
not rankedJosh ReddickRFAstros24.4%High74.8%Above Average2015: 149 2016: 115 2017: 134lingering back soreness (2017)
not rankedJustin Smoak1BBlue Jays11.9%Low84%Peak2017: 158 2016: 126 2015: 132[none]Smoak finally showed some improvement last year; hitting 38 homeruns and driving in 90 runs.The question now is can he repeat that success in 2018. Injuries shouldnt play a factor as he has a very low Injury Risk.
not rankedJustin UptonLFAngels39.7%High40.2%Below Average2017: 152 2016: 153 2015: 150back tightness (2017); knee and forearm contusion (2017); oblique strain (2017)While Justin Upton doesnt miss many games; he does tend to get fairly banged up throughout the course of a season. And yes; it does have an affect on his performance. Last year he battled back tightness; an oblique strain and knee and forearm contusions. If healthy; he has the ability to be a top 10 outfielder; but he is more risky than many of the players around him on draft boards. Proceed with caution.
not rankedJustin VerlanderSPAstros6.9%Low91.1%Peak2017: 33 2016: 34 2015: 20groin soreness (2017); right triceps strain (2015)After struggling through his first 15 starts last year; Verlander turned it around and cemented his ace status in the second half of the season. He hasnt had a serious injury since his 2015 triceps strain and is a great Low Risk starting pitcher to target early.
not rankedKenley JansenRPDodgers11.4%Low89%Peak2017: 65 2016: 71 2015: 54right hamstring tightness (2018), left foot surgery (2015)Jansen has been battling hamstring tightness during Spring Training. While it comes with a 1-2 week Optimal Recovery Time, it isn\'t a major concern. He should be good to go by April.
not rankedLorenzo CainCFBrewers36.7%High48.4%Below Average2017: 155 2016: 103 2015: 140left hamstring strain (2016); wrist sprain (2016)The injury bug hit Lorenzo Cain in 2016 as he played through a painful wrist injury and dealt with a left hamstring strain. He also has a history of lower body injuries that includes his quad; hamstring and knee. But Cain missed just 7 games in 2017; and now he is playing in a more hitter-friendly ballpark. Hes worth a look as a top 25 outfielder.
not rankedLuis CastilloSPReds0.2%Low97%Peak2017: 15 2016: N/A 2015: N/A[none]
not rankedMadison BumgarnerSPGiants16.9%Elevated82.3%Peak2017: 17 2016: 34 2015: 32surgery to repair fractured left pinkie (2018); left AC sprain and bruised ribs (2017)Last year MadBum missed a three months after a dirt bike accident lead to a serious AC sprain and bruised ribs. Now he\\\\\\\'s going to be sidelined for around 2 months after a comebacker hit him in the hand, causing a fractured pinkie and requiring surgery. The good news here is that the pinkie is the least important digit for a pitcher and only affects certain pitches.
not rankedMark MelanconRPGiants39.4%High62.9%Below Average2017: 32 2016: 75 2015: 78forearm surgery on pronator muscle (2017), multiple right pronator strains (2017)
not rankedMax ScherzerSPNationals30.3%High70%Above Average2017: 31 2016: 34 2015: 33neck inflammation (2017); bruised calf (2017) hamstring tightness (2017); knuckle fracture (2017)Scherzer dealt with his fair share of injuries in 2017; including neck inflammation; a bruised calf; hamstring tightness; and a knuckle fracture. He still pitched very well despite the injuries and is back at a Low Injury Risk. Hes moderately risky but is a High Reward starter.
not rankedMichael BrantleyLFIndians53.1%High65.4%Above Average2015: 137 2016: 11 2017: 90right ankle surgery (2017); right biceps surgery (2016); right shoulder surgery (2015)Brantley has had four surgeries over the last three years, one on his ankle and three on his shoulder. Brantley won\'t be available to start the year as he continues to recover from ankle ligament reconstruction surgery, and he\'s going to be High Risk for awhile. He can\'t be trusted as a fantasy option in the first half of the year.
not rankedMiguel Cabrera1BTigers91.9%High1.5%Poor2017: 130 2016: 158 2015: 119two herniated discs (2017); oblique strain (2017); groin strain (2017); left biceps strain (2016); calf strain (2015)Cabreras back was an issue for much of last season; and theres no reason to believe it wont be an issue again this year. Back injuries are highly recurrent. On top of that; he missed 6 weeks with a calf strain and more time with a groin strain. He has the potential to be one of the leagues best players when hes in the lineup; but injuries hurt his upside.
not rankedManny MachadoSSOrioles4.6%Low97%Peak2017: 156 2016: 157 2015: 162wrist contusion (2017); right knee surgery (2014); left knee surgery (2013)Machado has been incredibly durable ever since his major knee surgeries in 2013 & 2014. He got off to a slow start last year but finished strong and should be healthy enough to pick up where he left off. Hes a borderline first rounder.
not rankedMike Moustakas3BRoyals23.9%Elevated80%Peak2017: 148 2016: 27 2015: 147left thumb fracture (2016); right ACL tear (2016)Moustakas is still looking for a team; and that makes his fantasy projections a bit difficult. But what we do know is that 2016 was rough for him as he had a left thumb fracture and tore his right ACL. He bounced back in 2017 and showed off his power; hitting 38 home runs. Moustakas is back at a Low Injury Risk and is a fairly safe draft pick.
not rankedGiancarlo StantonDHYankees8.3%Low98.1%Peak2017: 159 2016: 119 2015: 74groin strain (2016); left wrist fracture (2015); facial fracture (2014)Giancarlo Stanton finally made it through a full season without any serious injuries last year; and it earned him his first MVP title. Now with the Yankees; he has a better lineup around him and should be able to use his unmatched power to drive in plenty of runs. Hes a great Low Risk draft pick.
not rankedMike TroutCFAngels31.4%High70.9%Above Average2017: 114 2016: 159 2015: 159torn left thumb ligament (2017)Once again Mike Trout is the clear #1 option in fantasy drafts. A torn thumb ligament forced him to miss 8 weeks last season; but he recovered and quickly returned to his MVP form. Draft him with confidence this season.
not rankedNelson CruzDHMariners29.7%High72.4%Above Average2017: 155 2016: 155 2015: 152quad strain (2018), calf tear (2017); right knee soreness (2017); hamstring strain (2017)Before Spring Training we warned that the injuries were starting to pile up for Cruz. He played through a partial calf tear, knee soreness and a hamstring strain last season. While injuries haven\'t slowed him down yet, they continue to be a concern. He is already battling a quad strain. It\'s minor, but one of these days his injuries are going to slow him down and zap his power at the plate.
not rankedRobinson Canó2BMariners59.8%High5.5%Poor2017: 150 2016: 161 2015: 156hamstring strain (2018), quad strain (2017); hamstring strain (2017)Last season Cano was slowed by quad and hamstring strains early in the season. He finished strong, but Cano is already dealing with another hamstring strain. His power has dropped recently, and his recent string of lower body injuries certainly won\'t help. He\'s a risky draft pick.
not rankedRyan BraunLFBrewers34.8%High32.7%Poor2017: 104 2016: 135 2015: 140multiple calf strains (2017); wrist soreness (2017); back tightness (2015)Ryan Braun comes with a host of injury concerns. He battled multiple calf strains last season as well as wrist soreness; which hurt his power. On top of that he has a history of back problems. Dont bother drafting him at his current ADP.
not rankedRyan Zimmerman1BNationals25.6%High76.7%Above Average2017: 144 2016: 115 2015: 95left wrist contusion (2016); left rib cage strain (2016); plantar fasciitis (2015)
not rankedShin-Soo ChooDHRangers10.4%Low97%Peak2017: 149 2016: 48 2015:149lower back stiffness (2017), back injury (2016), left forearm fracture (2016), hamstring strain (2016), calf strain (2016)Choo was incredibly banged up in 2016, missing time with calf and hamstring strains, a forearm fracture and back tightness. In 2017 he continued to have back problems but didn\\\'t miss much time. This is the one injury concern for him moving forward.
not rankedYu DarvishSPCubs27.8%High62.7%Below Average2017: 31 2016: 17 2015: 0lower back tightness (2017); right shoulder injury (2016); Tommy John surgery (2014)Darvishs strikeout potential makes him an incredibly valuable fantasy pitcher; but injuries are a slight concern. He underwent Tommy John surgery in 2014 and missed all of the following season; then in 2016 he battled a right shoulder injury and missed five weeks. Last year he dealt with back tightness. Even so; things are trending in the right direction for Darvish. Hes not quite an ace but should be in for a strong season.
not rankedWade DavisRPRockies11.7%Low88.4%Peak2017: 59 2016: 45 2015: 69right forearm strain (2016); right flexor strain (2016)
not rankedWilson RamosCRays31.9%High66.1%Above Average2017: 64 2016: 131 2015: 128right ACL tear (2016)
not rankedYadier MolinaCCardinals66.7%High27.9%Poor2017: 136 2016: 147 2015: 136concussion (2017); lower back stiffness (2017); left thumb sugery (2015)
not rankedZack GreinkeSPDiamondbacks16.4%Elevated83.1%Peak2017: 32 2016: 26 2015: 32groin strain (2018), left oblique strain (2016)Entering the season, the only real concern for Greinke was his age. We warned of the wear and tear he has put on his body through the years, and now he is battling a groin strain. He won\\\'t be ready for Opening Day, and our analytics show he should be out through the first week of the season. His recent drop in velocity also remains a concern.
not rankedDylan BundySPOrioles5.8%Low93.5%Peak2017: 28 2016: 26 2015: N/Aright shoulder strain (2015)
not rankedChris ArcherSPRays12.2%Low81%Peak2017: 34 2016: 33 2015: 34right forearm soreness (2017)Chris Archer has made at least 30 starts in four straight seasons and does not have any significant injury concerns. He briefly battled right forearm soreness last season; but hes a Low Injury Risk and should be in for another strong seasons.
not rankedÁlex ColoméRPMariners2.5%Low97%Peak2017: 65 2016: 57 2015: 43right biceps tendinitis (2016)
not rankedJosé QuintanaSPCubs0.3%Low97%Peak2017: 32 2016: 32 2015: 32[none]Quintana isnt an ace; but he has solid stuff and should be a nice 3rd pitching option. He is on a good team; so wins wont be an issue; and his ERA remains consistent in the mid 3s. Combine that with his Low Injury Risk and hes a safe pick in the top 100.
not rankedCorey KluberSPIndians17.5%Elevated78.7%Above Average2017: 29 2016: 32 2015: 32lower back strain (2017); sore neck (2017); minor ankle sprain (2017); quad strain (2016); right hamstring strain (2015)Kluber dealt with injury after injury in 2017; most notably a back strain that sidelined him for 5 weeks. Back injuries are highly recurrent; so keep an eye on him this season. Hes a risky pick.
not rankedDanny SalazarPCleveland Indians22.8%Elevated75.9%Above Average2017: 23 2016: 25 2015: 30shoulder inflammation (2018), right elbow inflammation (2017); right shoulder inflammation (2017); right elbow inflammation (2016)Salazar has had shoulder and elbow issues in each of the last two seasons, and at Spring Training he was already battling shoulder inflammation again. He just started to throw off of the mound again and won\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t be ready on Opening Day. He could miss the first month or two of the season.
not rankedAvisail GarcíaRFWhite Sox27.8%High70.5%Above Average2017: 136 2016: 120 2015: 148right thumb sprain (2017); right knee sprain (2016)
not rankedKelvin HerreraRPNationals11.7%Low88.2%Peak2017: 64 2016: 72 2015: 72[none]
not rankedSalvador PérezCRoyals63.9%High53.1%Below Average2017: 129 2016: 139 2015: 142right intercostal strain (2017)
not rankedGarrett RichardsSPAngels15.3%Elevated68.9%Above Average2017: 6 2016: 6 2015: 32right biceps nerve issue (2017); torn UCL (2016); torn left patellar tendon (2015)
not rankedJean SeguraSSMariners38.9%High30.7%Poor2017: 125 2016: 153 2015: 142right high ankle sprain (2017); right pinky fracture (2015)Segura landed on the DL wrist last season due to a high ankle sprain and a right pinky fracture. Its tough to find solid offense in shortstops; and if Segura stays healthy he could be a nice option. Thats a big if; though; as there are lingering concerns over his health.
not rankedSean DoolittleRPNationals8.9%Low97.9%Peak2017: 53 2016: 44 2015: 12left shoulder strain (2017); left shoulder strain (2016); left shoulder strain (2015); rotator cuff strain (2015)
not rankedKyle Seager3BMariners8.9%Low91.3%Peak2017: 154 2016: 158 2015: 161[none]Seager has made at least 154 starts in each of his six full major league seasons. He has no injury concerns and will consistently prouce 25 homeruns; 85 RBIs and a .260 batting average. Its not great; but hes reliable.
not rankedArodys VizcaínoRPBraves13.9%Elevated49.3%Below Average2017: 62 2016: 43 2015: 36right index finger strain (2017); right shoulder inflammation (2016); right oblique strain (2016)
not rankedBrad HandRPPadres0.9%Low97%Peak2017: 72 2016: 82 2015: 38[none]
not rankedJeurys FamiliaRPMets28.3%High64.5%Below Average2017: 26 2016: 78 2015: 76right shoulder arterial blood clot (2017)
not rankedJustin Turner3BDodgers47.8%High68.5%Above Average2017: 130 2016: 151 2015: 126left wrist fracture (2018), hamstring strain (2017 & 2016)Justin Turner was hit on his left wrist by a fastball this week. The result was a small, non-displaced fracture. He won\'t need surgery, and the Dodgers are hopeful that he can return by early May. Our analytics suggest he needs 8 weeks to recover, and even then it will take a few more months to get his power back. Wrist injuries tend to zap Batter Power even when a player is healthy enough to return.
not rankedStephen StrasburgSPNationals49.4%High60.9%Below Average2017: 28 2016: 24 2015: 23right elbow nerve impingement (2017); right elbow soreness (2016); upper back strain (2016); oblique strain (2015); upper back injury (2015); neck tightness (2015); torn UCL (2010)While Strasburg remains one of the best pitchers in the game; he has a very concerning injury history. Strasburg has had five separate stints on the DL over the last three years. WIth elbow; back; oblique and neck injuries; there are serious concerns about his ability to last the entire season. Hes too risky to draft in the first few rounds.
not rankedAnthony Rendón3BNationals17.5%Elevated77.6%Above Average2017: 147 2016: 156 2015: 80foot soreness (2017); left quad strain (2015); left MCL sprain (2015)Rendon had a great year in 2017; hitting over .300; increasing his walks; and decreasing his strikeouts. Despite a few injuries along the way (foot soreness; quad strain; MCL sprain); Rendon has steadily improved over the last few years. Hes Low Risk and should be a top 10 option at 3B.
not rankedBryce HarperCFNationals38.3%High35%Poor2017: 111 2016: 147 2015: 153left knee bone bruise and calf strain (2017); groin tightness (2017); left thumb strain (2016)2017 was a tough injury year for many of the leagues biggest stars; and that includes Bryce Harper. He hyperextended his knee late in the year and missed 6 weeks; but he escaped with just a bone bruise and calf strain. It could have been much worse. Harper was lucky to avoid any ligament damage that would cause lingering concerns. Now its his overall injury risk that is a slight red flag. Hes someone to draft cautiously as injuries always seem to force him to miss games.
not rankedAnthony Rizzo1BCubs13.6%Elevated80.8%Peak2017: 157 2016: 155 2015: 160back soreness (2017)Anthony Rizzo has been incredibly durable and averages over 154 games played over the last 5 seasons. The only real concern is that Rizzo dealt with back tightness and soreness a few times last season. If he can avoid that; he should be a great second round pick.
not rankedDidi GregoriusSSYankees14.7%Elevated87.4%Peak2017: 136 2016: 153 2015: 155right shoulder strain (2017)
not rankedJosé Altuve2BAstros20%Elevated75.6%Above Average2017: 153 2016: 161 2015: 154neck discomfort (2017); mild oblique strain (2016)Altuve is one of the few players who can battle Trout for the #1 spot in fantasy drafts. He is already off to a hot start in Spring Training and doesnt have any serious injury concerns. And he consistently plays 150+ games. Draft him!
not rankedMarwin GonzálezLFAstros12.5%Low85.9%Peak2017: 134 2016: 141 2015: 120[none]
not rankedJ.D. MartínezDHRed Sox33.9%High70.4%Above Average2017: 119 2016: 120 2015: 158lower back tightness (2017); Lisfranc sprain in right foot (2017); right elbow fracture (2016)Martinez\'s 2017 season got off to a slow start due to a Lisfranc sprain in his right foot. He also had a serious injury in 2016, a fractured right elbow. Martinez is healthy now, but he remains a High Risk, High Reward outfielder.
not rankedXander BogaertsSSRed Sox37.6%High28.4%Poor2017: 148 2016: 157 2015: 156hand strain (2017); thumb strain (2017)After getting hit by a pitch last season; Bogaerts was never quite the same player. Sure; hes fully recovered from that injury now and is back at a Low Injury Risk; but he still isnt quite a top 5 SS this season. He has a lot of upside; but dont stretch to take him too early.
not rankedNolan Arenado3BRockies9.5%Low88.6%Peak2017: 159 2016: 160 2015: 157[none]There are quite a few players that could be viewed as the 3rd best fantasy draft pick this year; but theres one clear thing working in Arenados favor. HIs health. With no injury concerns; he is a safe draft pick early in the first round.
not rankedStarling MarteCFPirates25.8%High68.5%Above Average2017: 77 2016: 129 2015: 153lower back tightness (2016)While Starling Marte doesnt come with any serious injury concerns; he does have a history of back problems. Marte is going off the boards as a top 20 outfielder right now; but he seems to be overhyped. A hand injury also ended his Dominican Winter League season early. Dont stretch to draft him.
not rankedMatt Carpenter3BCardinals32.8%High68.5%Above Average2017: 145 2016: 129 2015: 154back strain (2018), right oblique strain (2016)Carpenter was briefly sidelined with a back injury at Spring Training, but he has been crushing it since his return. Our analytics show he hit his Optimal Recovery Time, although back injuries tend to recur down the road so he remains High Risk.
not rankedTrevor BauerSPIndians0.3%Low97%Peak2017: 32 2016: 35 2015: 31[none]
not rankedPaul Goldschmidt1BDiamondbacks6.9%Low90.9%Peak2017: 155 2016: 158 2015: 159sore right elbow (2017)Goldschmidt leads all first basemen once again this season; but the position is deeper than it has been in the past. Hes a Low Injury Risk; which is a great sign entering the season; although he isnt necessarilyl worth stretching for with a top 5 pick.
not rankedDrew PomeranzSPRed Sox34.7%High68%Above Average2017: 32 2016: 31 2015: 53left forearm flexor strain (2018), flexor/triceps strain (2017)Pomeranz is going to start the year on the DL. He is still recovering from a Spring Training forearm strain but has progressed to throw in a minor league game. Last year he had a flexor strain and a triceps issue, so his risk of injury remains incredibly high. We never want to see a pitcher with that many injuries to their throwing arm.
not rankedDJ LeMahieu2BRockies38.1%High52.8%Below Average2017: 155 2016: 146 2015: 150minor right groin strain (2017); left wrist inflammation (2016)LeMahieu is never going to provide much power; but he is consistent. As long as he stays healthy; which he has done fairly well throughout his career; he should be a decent fantasy second baseman again this season. You know what youre getting with him.
not rankedCharlie BlackmonCFRockies24.4%High72.5%Above Average2017: 159 2016: 143 2015: 157turf toe (2016)Charlie Blackmon was very injury-prone early in his career; but his last three seasons have been much better. The only real concern is turf toe that popped up in 2016; but hes now a Low Injury Risk. Hes a great guy to target at the end of the first round.
not rankedDomingo SantanaRFBrewers27.2%High70.9%Above Average2017: 151 2016: 77 2015: 52right elbow strain (2016); right shoulder strain (2016)2016 was a tough year for Santana as he battled both right elbow and shoulder strains. He never landed on the DL in 2017 but had shoulder; back; wrist and hip injuries. An everyday role also isnt guaranteed with a crowded Milwaukee outfield. Combine that with his injury history and hes a very risky pick inside the top 100.
not rankedJonathan Schoop2BOrioles18.9%Elevated78.8%Above Average2017: 160 2016: 162 2015: 86right knee sprain (2015)Ever since Jonathan Schoop suffered a partial PCL tear and mild MCL sprain in 2015; he has remained very healthy; missing just two games in the last two seasons. He is Low Risk and should provide solid power again this year with a steady batting average.
not rankedArchie BradleyRPDiamondbacks0.3%Low97%Peak2017: 63 2016: 26 2015: 8[none]
not rankedDelino DeShieldsCFRangers7.6%Low92.2%Peak2017: 120 2016: 74 2015: 121left knee sprain (2015), hamstring strain (2016)
not rankedCody AllenRPIndians0.9%Low97%Peak2017: 69 2016: 67 2015: 70[none]Allen has 30+ saves in each of the last three seasons. Hes also healthy and a very Low Injury Risk. Hes a great reliever to target aroud the top 100.
not rankedBrian Dozier2BTwins15%Elevated85.1%Peak2017: 152 2016: 155 2015: 157back soreness (2017)In each of the last four seasons; Dozier has played in at least 152 games. Hes incredibly durable with only one minor injury (back soreness) on his resume. Dozier continues to show off his power and should once again be a top 5 option at second base.
not rankedEddie RosarioLFTwins15%Elevated56.7%Below Average2017: 151 2016: 92 2015: 122triceps tendinitis in right arm (2018); left thumb fracture (2016)Rosario battled mild tendinitis in his right triceps early in March, but he is past the Optimal Recovery Time and will be the Twins left fielder on Opening Day. He has undeniable power and should be in for a solid season.
not rankedJames PaxtonSPMariners11.1%Low89%Peak2017: 24 2016: 20 2015: 13strained left pectoral (2017); strained left forearm (2017); left elbow contusion (2016); strained left midle finger tendon (2015)When Paxton is healthy; he has the makings of an ace; but he cant seem to avoid injuries. He has made four trips to the DL in the last three seasons (strained left pectoral; left forearm strain; left elbow contusion; and strained left middle finger). Thats a lot of injuries to his pitching arm; making him a very risky fantasy target.
not rankedJackie Bradley Jr.CFRed Sox13.9%Elevated87.4%Peak2015: 74 2016: 156 2017: 133left thumb sprain (2017), right knee sprain (2017)
not rankedFrancisco LindorSSIndians0.3%Low97%Peak2017: 159 2016: 158 2015: 99[none]Francisco Lindor doesnt have any injury concerns entering the new season. He can provide a power bat and and speed on the basepaths; making him a Low Risk; versatile player.
not rankedTaijuan WalkerSPDiamondbacks81.4%High1.5%Poor2017: 28 2016: 25 2015: 29right foot tendinitis (2016)
not rankedAlex WoodSPDodgers10.3%Low82%Peak2017: 27 2016: 14 2015: 32SC joint sprain (2017); left posterior elbow strain (2016)When Alex Wood is healthy; he has the stuff to be one of the best pitchers in the game. But he battled serious injuries in 2016 (left posterior elbow strain) and 2017 (SC joint sprain) that ruined his season. This is a High Risk; High Reward starter that could pay off or could be a total bust if he gets hurt again.
not rankedAndrelton SimmonsSSAngels52.8%High27.6%Poor2017: 158 2016: 124 2015: 147shoulder strain (2018); torn left thumb ligament (2016)
not rankedNoah SyndergaardSPMets33.9%High74.3%Above Average2017: 7 2016: 31 2015: 24right lat muscle tear (2017); biceps tendinitis (2017); right elbow bone spur (2016)Noah Syndergaard never should have tried to pitch through his biceps tendinitis last year; but he did and it lead to a right lat muscle tear that sidelined him for most of the season. Thor is one of many Mets pitchers with a host of injury concerns; and he should be drafted cautiously again this year.
not rankedYasiel PuigRFDodgers31.4%High69.3%Above Average2017: 152 2016: 104 2015: 79hamstring strain (2017; 2016 & 2015)Puig has a concerning history of hamstring strains, especially when you consider his style of play. It puts him at a generally higher risk of re-injury. There are a lot of uncertainties surrounding Puig including everything from his High Injury Risk to his struggles against lefties to his attitude. He has too much upside to remove him entirely from draft boards, but don\'t take him too early.
not rankedJosé Abreu1BWhite Sox15.8%Elevated80.4%Peak2017: 156 2016: 159 2015: 154hamstring strain (2018)With no real injury concerns in recent years; Abreu is a great guy to target in drafts. He hit a career high 43 doubles in 2017 to go along with 33 HRs and a career best slash line. He also has four seasons with 100+ RBIs. That\'s great production for a Low Risk guy you don\'t have to get in the first few rounds. (Update: During last Tuesday\'s game, Abreu left with tightness in his hamstring. It\'s not a serious concern, and he should be able to return to the lineup within a few days.)
not rankedChristian YelichRFBrewers24.7%High75.6%Above Average2017: 156 2016: 155 2015: 126right hip flexor tightness (2017); hamstring tightness (2017); back spasms (2016); lower back strain (2015); right knee contusion (2015)Despite quite a few injuries; Christian Yelich always seems to play well and avoid the serious injuries. The most concerning problem he has is with his back; and back injuries tend to pop up over and over again. He should be in for a great season with the Brewers if it doesnt act up.
not rankedJavier Báez2BCubs25.8%High70.9%Above Average2017: 145 2016: 142 2015: 28hamstring strain (2018)After suffering a hamstring strain earlier in the month, Baez missed less than a week. It was a mild strain, so he should be ready to go by Opening Day. He comes with some intriguing upside for his fantasy owners, but his injury risk remains increased.
not rankedEvan GattisDHAstros15.8%Elevated86.3%Peak2017: 84 2016: 128 2015: 153right wrist injury (2017); concussion (2017); sports hernia surgery (2016)
not rankedGeorge SpringerCFAstros22.5%Elevated74%Above Average2017: 140 2016: 162 2015: 102left quad strain (2017); right wrist fracture (2015); concussion (2015) right quad strain (2014)2015 was a tough season for Springer; who was sidelined by a right wrist fracture and a concussion. 2016 was much better (he played in all 162 games); but in 2017 he missed time with a left quad strain. There arent any serious concerns here but the injuries have added up.
not rankedNicholas CastellanosRFTigers23.6%Elevated74.8%Above Average2017: 157 2016: 110 2015: 154left hand fracture (2016)
not rankedMiguel Sano3BTwins48.3%High67.7%Above Average2017: 114 2016: 116 2015: 80left shin stress reaction + surgery (2017); hamstring strain (2016)Despite his elite power; Sanos shin injury and history of other injuries (most notably a 2016 hamstring strain) makes him a very risky fantasy target. After suffering a stress reaction in his shin in August; it didnt heal as expected; so he underwent offseason surgery. Proceed with caution and have a good backup in place if you draft him.
not rankedAdam EatonRFNationals40.3%High26%Poor2017: 23 2016: 157 2015: 153torn left ACL & meniscus (2017)
not rankedBilly HamiltonCFReds41.7%High63%Below Average2017: 139 2016: 119 2015: 114finger injury (2018); left thumb fracture (2017); oblique strain (2016); concussion (2016); right shoulder sprain (2015)Hamilton is already dealing with a finger injury at Spring Training. He has had quite a few injuries over the last three seasons; and now this year isnt off to a good start. Speed is always going to be his greatest asset; but any lower body injury will limit him on the basebaths. With so much uncertainty surrounding his health; hes too risky to draft just for his SB potential.
not rankedA.J. PollockCFDiamondbacks39.5%High61.8%Below Average2017: 112 2016: 12 2015: 157groin strain (2017); quad tightness (2017); right elbow fracture (2016)The last two seasons have not been good for A.J. Pollock. He missed almost all of 2016 after suffering a right elbow fracture; and last season it was a groin strain that forced him to miss 7 weeks. He has high upside but a concerning injury history; making him a high risk; high reward outfielder.
not rankedRich HillSPDodgers24.8%High70.6%Above Average2017: 25 2016: 20 2015: 4recurring blisters (2017; 2016); left groin strain (2016)While blisters may not sound like a serious concern; they are for Rich Hill. He missed 6 weeks in 2016 and then over a month in 2017 trying to recover. When he is healthy; hes one of the best pitchers in the game; but its hard to see him making 30 starts in a season; and that caps his value.
not rankedGerrit ColeSPAstros6.1%Low99.6%Peak2017: 33 2016: 21 2015: 32right elbow inflammation (2016); right triceps strain (2016); rib inflammation (2016)Cole battled a few concerning injuries in 2016 (elbow inflammation; a triceps strain and rib inflammation); but he bounced back last season and made 33 starts. Now playing in a better pitchers park; he should see a slight improvement in his numbers. Hes a solid mid rotation guy.
not rankedJameson TaillonSPPirates9.7%Low90.6%Peak2017: 25 2016: 18 2015: N/Atesticular cancer (2017); right shoulder fatigue (2016)
not rankedDallas KeuchelSPAstros17.5%Elevated82.3%Peak2017: 23 2016: 26 2015: 33left foot injury (2017); pinched nerve in neck (2017)Keuchel had two stits on the DL due to a pinched nerve in his neck. He then played through a foot injury in the second half of the season and was seen in a walking boot after the World Series. Keuchels numbers dropped off significantly in the second half of the season too as he battled the injuries. Hes a High Risk; High Reward starter entering the season.
not rankedMike ZuninoCMariners8.3%Low89.4%Peak2017: 124 2016: 55 2015: 112[none]
not rankedJosh Bell1BPirates2.2%Low97%Peak2017: 159 2016: 45 2015: N/Aleft knee surgery (2017)
not rankedGary SánchezCYankees26.4%High77.1%Above Average2017: 122 2016: 53 2015: 2right biceps strain (2017); groin tightness (2017); non-displaced right thumb fracture (2016)Gary Sanchez may have the most fantasy upside of any catcher; but he did battle some serious injuries in the last two seasons. Last year it was a right biceps strain and groin tightness; and in 2016 it was a right thumb fracture. If he stays injury-free; he should be one of the better DH options and the top catcher due to his power potential.
not rankedKevin GausmanSPOrioles5.6%Low91.1%Peak2017: 34 2016: 30 2015: 25right shoulder tendinitis (2016 & 2015)
not rankedByron BuxtonCFTwins40.6%High55.5%Below Average2017: 140 2016: 92 2015: 46left groin strain (2017); left thumb sprain (2015)Buxton had two stints on the DL last season due to a groin strain and thumb sprain. He also got off to a very slow start in the first half of the season. When healthy; his speed can make him incredibly valuable due to his stolen base potential; but he needs to improve at the plate and figure out how to stay healthy.
not rankedCarlos CorreaSSAstros31.1%High63%Below Average2017: 109 2016: 153 2015: 99torn left thumb ligament (2017); right hand contusion (2017); left shoulder sprain (2016); ankle sprain (2016); fibula fracture (2014)Carlos Correas left thumb injury lead to a tough 2017 season; but he is recovered and should be healthy entering the new season. Hes one of the best SS options; but overall injury concerns remain. Draft cautiously.
not rankedGrégory PolancoRFPirates23.3%Elevated74.4%Above Average2017: 108 2016: 144 2015: 153multiple left hamstring strains (2017)
not rankedJoey GalloLFRangers27.8%High42.7%Below Average2017: 145 2016: 17 2015: 36concussion (2017); hamstring tightness (2017)
not rankedMarcell OzunaLFCardinals11.4%Low83.8%Peak2017: 159 2016: 148 2015: 123[none]2017 was a breakout year for Ozuna; and 2018 should be no different with the Cardinals. Hes incredibly Low Risk and should easily be a top 10-15 outfielder this season.
not rankedScooter Gennett2BReds22.2%Elevated74.8%Above Average2017: 141 2016: 136 2015: 114shoulder tightness (2018), right oblique strain (2016)A few weeks ago, Gennett was briefly sidelined with soreness in his right shoulder. He appears to be past the injury now, but some risk does remain. Keep an eye on him over the next week or two as his power at the plate may still have room for improvement as he gets closer to 100%.
not rankedTrevor StorySSRockies13.3%Elevated87.8%Peak2017: 145 2016: 97 2015: N/Amild shoulder sprain (2017); torn left thumb ligament (2016)Story was off to a hot start in his rookie year (2016); but a torn ligament in his left thumb ended his season in August. Last year his numbers werent nearly as good. He dealt with a mild shoulder sprain that landed him on the DL and didnt show the same power while his batting average dropped to .238. He isnt worth a top 100 pick; but he is a high risk/high reward option just outside of the top 100.
not rankedSonny GraySPYankees6.7%Low97%Peak2017: 27 2016: 22 2015: 31right shoulder/lat strain (2017); right forearm strain (2016); right trapezius strain (2016)Despite multiple injuries in the last two seasons, Gray is back at a Low Injury Risk and has the skill to be a great #2 pitcher. He just needs to avoid another injury and control his home-run problem.
not rankedJonathan Villar2BBrewers17.2%Elevated51.2%Below Average2017: 122 2016: 156 2015: 53lower back strain (2017)
not rankedRougned Odor2BRangers21.1%Elevated80.3%Peak2017: 162 2016: 150 2015: 120[none]Odor has an intriguing power and speed combination; and he also played in all 162 games last season. At just 24; he is young and a Low Injury Risk. The only concern here is his inconsistency at the plate.
not rankedMarcus StromanSPBlue Jays22.8%Elevated71.5%Above Average2017: 33 2016: 32 2015: 4right shoulder inflammation (2018), left ACL tear (2015)Stroman has been battling inflammation in his pitching shoulder since early on at Spring training. An MRI confirmed no structural damage, but there\'s still plenty of concern surrounding his injury. He is expected to pitch in the first week of the season, although don\'t expect him to have his best stuff yet.
not rankedKhris DavisDHAthletics17.8%Elevated81.5%Peak2017: 153 2016: 150 2015: 121torn right meniscus (2015)Davis battled minor quad; hamstring and calf injuries in 2017 but never needed a stint on the DL. Hes Low Risk and should be a top 20 outfielder. Davis batting average and strikeout rate have plenty of room for improvement; though; capping his ceiling despite the power he brings to the plate.
not rankedCorey SeagerSSDodgers79.4%High1.5%Poor2017: 145 2016: 157 2015: 27lower back strain (2017); right elbow soreness (2017); hamstring strain (2017); oblique strain (2017); left knee sprain (2016)Seager is one of the most exciting young players in the game; but he comes with quite a few injury concerns. In 2017 he battled a lower back strain; elbow soreness that at one point could have required surgery; a hamstring strain and an oblique strain. His elbow is the biggest concern going forward. Proceed with caution before drafting him.
not rankedMasahiro TanakaSPYankees19.4%Elevated72.8%Above Average2017: 30 2016: 31 2015: 24right shoulder inflammation (2017); right elbow surgery- bone spur (2015); right forearm strain (2015); partial UCL tear (2014)Tanaka has a long history of injuries to his pitching arm; including a partial UCL tear back in 2014 that did not require Tommy John surgery. This is the kind of injury that can stabilize over the first few years; but eventually the arm starts to break down. He also underwent surgery to remove a bone spur from his elbow in 2015 and landed on the DL last year with right shoulder inflammation. Tanaka isnt worth the risk this year.
not rankedLance McCullersSPAstros21.1%Elevated80.3%Peak2017: 22 2016: 14 2015: 22multiple instances of lower back discomfort (2017); right elbow discomfort (2016); right shoulder soreness (2016)A series of back issues landed McCullers on the DL twice last season, and the year before he dealt with elbow and shoulder injuries in his pitching arm. He has a lot of upside, but injuries always seem to get in the way. He remains a risky pitcher to own.
not rankedJacob deGromSPMets22.8%Elevated72.2%Above Average2017: 31 2016: 24 2015: 30back soreness (2018), neck stiffness (2017); ulnar nerve elbow surgery (2016); rotator cuff tendinitis (2014); Tommy John surgery (2010)We arent even a month into Spring Training and deGrom already has a problem. Its just back soreness; but any injury with this Mets pitching staff is a major concern. He is quickly improving; but his latest issue combine with his lengthy injury history (neck stiffness; ulnar nerve elbow surgery; rotator cuff tendinitis; Tommy John surgery) makes him a risky draft pick again this year; especially at such a high ADP. There are much safer picks out there.
not rankedOrlando ArciaSSBrewers9.7%Low88.9%Peak2017: 153 2016: 55 2015: N/Aback spasms (2017)
not rankedChris TaylorSSDodgers14.4%Elevated54.8%Below Average2017: 140 2016: 36 2015: 37right wrist fracture (2015)
not rankedMookie BettsRFRed Sox36.4%High67.4%Above Average2017: 153 2016: 158 2015: 145left wrist inflammation (2017); bruised right thumb (2017); bruised knee (2017)While Mookie Betts is viewed as one of the top fantasy picks this year; he does seem to be banged up quite often. And because he is a speed player; any lower body injury will significantly hurt his performance. If you draft him; make sure you have a solid backup in place in case he ends up on the sideline.
not rankedJon GraySPRockies5%Low97%Peak2017: 20 2016: 29 2015: 9right foot stress fracture (2017); abdominal strain (2016)
not rankedKris Bryant3BCubs19.4%Elevated47.6%Below Average2017: 151 2016: 155 2015: 151pinky sprain (2017); right ankle sprain (2017)Kris Brant is one of the leagues most exciting young players; and he is lined up for another solid season. Bryant has played at least 151 games in each of the last three seasons; but he does seem to pick up minor injuries here and there. Make sure you back him up with a solid player because is going to miss some games here and there throughout the season.
not rankedAaron JudgeRFYankees26.4%High40.2%Below Average2017: 155 2016: 27 2015: N/Aarthroscopic left shoulder surgery (2017); oblique strain (2016); PCL sprain in left knee (2016)A shoulder injury bothered Judge throughout the second half of the season and hurt his numbers; but he underwent surgery in the offseason that involved cartilage cleanup and loose-body removal. He will be past the Optimal Recovery Time by Opening Day; so he is a fairly safe guy to go after with high upside.
not rankedCorey KnebelRPBrewers21.4%Elevated78.4%Above Average2017: 76 2016: 35 2015: 48left oblique strain (2016); UCL strain (2014)Knebel took over as the Brewers closer pretty quickly last season; and he finally made it through a season without any injury concerns. His strikeout potential makes him a very intriguing reliever to target.
not rankedKevin KiermaierCFRays57%High55.1%Below Average2017: 98 2016: 105 2015: 151right hip fracture (2017); back tightness (2017); left hand fracture (2016)
not rankedRafael Devers3BRed Sox5.8%Low92.2%Peak2017: 58 2016: N/A 2015: N/A[none]At just 20-years-old; Devers did well in his first 58 games in the majors last season. He doesnt have any injury concerns and should be a solid fantasy option.
not rankedLuis SeverinoSPYankees7%Low87.9%Peak2017: 31 2016: 22 2015: 11right triceps strain (2016)Severino had a breakout season last year and was one of the best pitchers in the league. He avoided injuries and should once again be one of the top starters this season.
not rankedCarlos MartínezSPCardinals16.1%Elevated79.3%Above Average2017: 32 2016: 31 2015: 31shoulder strain (2015)2017 wasnt a great year for Martinez; but injuries werent to blame. Hes Low Risk and should be able to bounce back this year.
not rankedJosé Ramírez3BIndians23.3%Elevated77.1%Above Average2017: 152 2016: 152 2015: 97minor hamstring strain (2017); right wrist soreness (2017)Despite battling a hamstring strain and wrist soreness; Ramirez had a great 2017 season. He is in the middle of a potent lineup and can contribute both with his power and his speed. Hes a great target as a Low Risk third baseman.
not rankedEnder InciarteCFBraves15.6%Elevated84.3%Peak2017: 157 2016: 131 2015: 132left hamstring strain (2016); right hamstring strain (2015)Inciarte is one of the most underrated players in baseball. Last season he played in 157 games and didn\'t have any significant injuries. He doesn\'t have much power, but his speed on the basepaths is going to be a valuable asset. He\'s a reliable guy to target in the middle of drafts.
not rankedChase AndersonSPBrewers5%Low91.5%Peak2017: 25 2016: 31 2015: 27left oblique strain (2017); right triceps inflammation (2015)
not rankedAdam DuvallLFReds2.2%Low97%Peak2017: 157 2016: 150 2015: 27[none]
not rankedEugenio Suárez3BReds11.7%Low90.3%Peak2017: 156 2016: 159 2015: 97[none]
not rankedJ.T. RealmutoCMarlins9.4%Low87.1%Peak2017: 141 2016: 137 2015: 126lower back injury (2018)Ever since Realmuto injured his back earlier this month, he has been confident that he will be ready on Opening Day. Well, that doesn\'t seem likely anymore. He is about to hit the Optimal Recovery Time but needs another week or so before he is ready to play. Catching puts a lot of stress on the lower back, so he needs to be cautious.
not rankedSteven Souza Jr.RFDiamondbacks54.4%High55.9%Below Average2017: 148 2016: 120 2015: 110right pectoral strain (2018), left hip surgery (2016); left hand fracture (2016)Souza laid out for a fly ball, extending his right arm as he fell hard to the ground. He was in immediate pain, so news of a pectoral strain was fairly positive considering it looked like it could have been a season-ender. Souza is looking at a four week Optimal Recovery Time and will start the year on the DL.
not rankedFelipe VázquezRPPirates11.7%Low88.4%Peak2017: 73 2016: 75 2015: 49[none]Rivero is getting better and better; and he doesnt have any injury concerns. His fastball is approaching 99mph; and hes Low Risk. What more could you want?
not rankedKyle HendricksSPCubs2.4%Low97%Peak2017: 24 2016: 31 2015: 32right hand tendinitis (2017)Hendricks hit a blip in the middle of the season when he landed on the DL with right hand tendinitis; but he was exceptional after the All Star break. With no current injury concerns; Hendricks is a low cost; reliable starter to own.
not rankedBlake TreinenRPAthletics13.1%Elevated86.5%Peak2017: 72 2016: 73 2015: 60[none]
not rankedRobbie RaySPDiamondbacks9.4%Low90.8%Peak2017: 28 2016: 32 2015: 23concussion (2017)Ray posted great numbers in 2017 and is going to be a high strikeout starter again this year. He is Low Risk; and the only real concern is the concussion he suffered last season. Ray should be a top 10 pitcher and could even be top 5 if he stays healthy.
not rankedDavid PeraltaLFDiamondbacks21.7%Elevated71.7%Above Average2015: 149 2016: 48 2017: 140right wrist surgery (2016)
not rankedJustin Bour1BMarlins18.9%Elevated78%Above Average2017: 108 2016: 90 2015: 129right oblique strain (2017); left ankle contusion (2017); right ankle sprain (2016)Over the last few seasons, Bour has battled ankle injuries and an oblique strain. Then early on at Spring Training he had back spasms. While there aren\'t currently any serious injury concerns, he does have a concerning injury history. Have a backup in place if he\'s on your roster.
not rankedKen GilesRPAstros13.9%Elevated84.9%Peak2017: 63 2016: 69 2015: 69multiple oblique strains (2013)Giles was a top 5 closer during the regular season last year; but the grind of the season got to him and he was horrible in the postseason. His focus has been on building up his strength to endure the entire season; not just the first 162 games. The good news is he comes with very little injury risk and should be a solid; low cost reliever.
not rankedHéctor NerisRPPhillies0.6%Low97%Peak2017: 74 2016: 79 2015: 32[none]
not rankedJake Lamb3BDiamondbacks8.1%Low89.9%Peak2017: 149 2016: 151 2015: 107left foot stress reaction (2015)Lamb does not have any significant injuries since a left foot stress reaction back in 2015. The problem with him is he struggles mightily against lefties; which greatly lowers his value.
not rankedTommy PhamCFCardinals23.9%Elevated72.1%Above Average2017: 128 2016: 78 2015: 52right shoulder soreness (2017); left oblique strain (2016); left quad strain (2015)Pham isnt the most exciting player; but when he is healthy he posts solid numbers. Unfortunately; he has spent a good bit of time on the sidelines. In the last three years he has had right shoulder soreness; a left oblique strain (15 day DL) and a quad strain (60 day DL). He has some value after a breakout season; but it comes with some risk.
not rankedRaisel IglesiasRPReds7.2%Low88.6%Peak2017: 63 2016: 37 2015: 18right shoulder impingement (2016); left oblique strain (2015)
not rankedTravis Shaw3BBrewers29.2%High40.1%Below Average2017: 144 2016: 145 2015: 65[none]If you wait until the later rounds to grab a 3B; Shaw is a solid player to go after. Hes young and doesnt have any injury concerns. Shaw also drove in over 100 runs last season; stole 10 bases and hit 31 homeruns. He should be lined up for a similar season.
not rankedOdubel HerreraCFPhillies16.1%Elevated83.1%Peak2017: 138 2016: 159 2015: 147left hamstring strain (2017)
not rankedYoan Moncada2BWhite Sox20%Elevated73.7%Above Average2017: 54 2016: 8 2015: N/Aright shin bone contusion (2017)
not rankedAaron NolaSPPhillies2.8%Low97%Peak2017: 27 2016: 20 2015: 13lower back strain (2017); right elbow strain (2016)Nola has had serious injuries in each of the last two seasons. Last season he landed on the DL with a back strain and in 2016 he landed on the 60 day DL with a right elbow strain. These are concerning injuries for a pitcher; but our analytics show tha the has improved to Low Risk. Be cautious but optimistic that Nola can be a top 10 starting pitcher this season. He has the stuff if he can stay healthy.
not rankedKyle SchwarberLFCubs5.4%Low97%Peak2017: 129 2016: 2 2015: 69left ACL & LCL tear (2016)Now 20 pounds lighter and 2 years removed from ACL surgery, Schwarber should be fit and healthy entering the new season. He has 30+ home run upside and should be able to rebound this year and post much better numbers than he did in 2017.
not rankedMatt Olson1BAthletics3.6%Low94.4%Peak2017: 59 2016: 11 2015: N/Ahamstring strain (2017)
not rankedGreg Bird1BYankees41.1%High73.3%Above Average2017: 48 2016: N/A 2015: 46right ankle surgery to remove bone spur (2018), right ankle surgery (2017); lower back tightness (2017); shoulder labrum surgery (2016)The season hasn\\\'t even started and Greg Bird is already battling another injury. This time he needs surgery to remove a bone spur from his troublesome right ankle, the same one he had surgery on last year. He is looking at an eight week Optimal Recovery Time, but he will remain High Risk through at least the first half of the season.
not rankedJosé BerriosSPTwins0.2%Low97%Peak2017: 26 2016: 14 2015: N/A[none]Berrios could become the Twins ace if he can continue to improve. His ability to produce strikeouts with the late movement on his pitches is impressive; and he doesnt have any injury concerns. The real risk is that he only has 40 major league starts to his name; so he hasnt hit ace status yet.
not rankedRoberto OsunaRPBlue Jays14.4%Elevated88.4%Peak2017: 66 2016: 72 2015: 68[none]At just 23 years old; Osuna is quickly becoming one of the better closers in the league. What makes him a solid pickup is his Low Injury Risk and high upside. You can wait to take him in the later rounds; but his mental health is somewhat concerning. If he can figure that out he should be a top tier closer.
not rankedZack GodleySPDiamondbacks0.2%Low97%Peak2017: 26 2016: 27 2015: 9[none]
not rankedMichael ConfortoCFMets48.3%High69.3%Above Average2017: 109 2016: 109 2015: 56left shoulder dislocation & surgery (2017)
not rankedTrea TurnerSSNationals18.3%Elevated82.3%Peak2017: 98 2016: 73 2015: 27non-displaced right wrist fracture (2017); right hamstring strain (2017)Trea Turner was off to a great start last season and more than earned the starting SS job; but a fracture to his right wrist forced him to miss over two months. His wrist strength shouldnt be a concern anymore. He did also suffer a hamstring strain; so injuries are a slight concern. Even so; its hard to ignore his contribution across many categories; including steals.
not rankedBlake SnellSPRays0.2%Low97%Peak2017: 24 2016: 19[none]
not rankedMichael FulmerSPTigers26.7%High78.1%Above Average2017: 25 2016: 26 2015: N/Aulnar transposition surgery (2017)
not rankedManuel MargotCFPadres15.9%Elevated83.9%Peak2017: 126 2016: 10 2015: N/Aright calf strain (2017)
not rankedNomar MazaraRFRangers19.2%Elevated72.5%Above Average2017: 148 2016: 145 2015: N/A[none]
not rankedWillson ContrerasCCubs16.1%Elevated74.3%Above Average2017: 117 2016: 76 2015: N/Aright hamstring strain (2017)Contreras missed four weeks last season with a moderate hamstring strain. Thats the only serious injury to his name; and he is one of the best young catchers in the game. Hes a better option than Buster Posey behind Gary Sanchez as the top fantasy catcher.
not rankedKenta MaedaSPDodgers6.4%Low93.5%Peak2017: 29 2016: 32 2015: N/Ahamstring strain (2017)
not rankedBradley ZimmerCFCleveland Indians0.2%Low97%Peak2017: 101 2016: N/A 2015: N/Aleft hand fracture (2017), concussion (2017)Zimmer\'s season ended early when his left hand was stepped on, resulting in a fracture. He\'s fully recovered and will be healthy at the start of the season. Zimmer does have one concussion to his name, though, which is always a concern.
not rankedAndrew BenintendiLFRed Sox13.1%Elevated87%Peak2017: 151 2016: 34 2015: N/Aleft knee sprain + fracture (2016)In 2016 Benintendi suffered a serious knee injury that involved a sprain and avulsion fracture below the knee. He bounced back nicely in 2017 with a 20-20 rookie season. His combo of power and speed; plus his Low Injury Risk; make him a great target early in the draft.
not rankedAlex Bregman3BAstros7.2%Low93.3%Peak2017: 155 2016: 49 2015: N/Ahamstring strain (2016)Bregman has a lengthy history of hamstring injuries. As we always say; repeat hamstring injuries are very concerning. Hes back at a Low Injury Risk now because his 2017 strain was relatively minor; but be on the lookout for any lower body injuries. It will really hurt his performance and could sideline him for weeks. Dont take him inside the top 50.
not rankedTrey ManciniLFOrioles19.4%Elevated60.3%Below Average2017: 147 2016: 5 2015: N/A[none]
not rankedOzzie Albies2BBraves6.1%Low97%Peak2017: 57 2016: N/A 2015: N/Aelbow fracture (2016)
not rankedEdwin DíazRPMariners0.3%Low97%Peak2017: 66 2016: 49 2015: N/A[none]At just 23 years old; Diaz is an exciting young closer with high upside. He is Low Risk with no real injury concerns; but he needs to work on his consistency if he is going to become one of the better closers in the game.
not rankedIan Happ2BChicago Cubs5.1%Low73.8%Above Average2017: 115 2016: N/A 2015: N/A[none]
not rankedCody BellingerCFDodgers5%Low92.6%Peak2017: 132 2016: N/A 2015: N/Aright ankle sprain (2017)After an injury to Adrian Gonzalez; Bellinger burst onto the scene and showed incredibly power; hitting 39 homeruns last season. He also added 97 RBIs; but he struggled some in the postseason. The only injury concern was a mild ankle sprain; but hes healthy now and should be one of the leagues better power hitters again this season.
not rankedLuke WeaverSPCardinals1.7%Low97%Peak2017: 13 2016: 9 2015: N/Aback spasms (2017)
not rankedWhit Merrifield2BRoyals11.7%Low65%Below Average2017: 145 2016: 81 2015: N/A[none]Did you know Whit Merrifield lead the AL with 34 steals last season? He also doesnt have any injury concerns and is an exciting young player that can provide some power in addition to his speed. Hes a solid mid-tier 2B to target in the later rounds.
not rankedMitch HanigerRFMariners25.3%High71.3%Above Average2017: 96 2016: 34 2015: N/Aright hand discomfort (2018), concussion & facial fracture (2017)Haniger took a Jacob deGrom fastball to the face last July, causing a concussion and facial fracture that required surgery. He missed around three weeks recovering. Now he has been slowed by discomfort in his right (throwing) hand at Spring Training. Haniger finally looks like he is almost fully recovered and is getting his power back.
not rankedRhys HoskinsLFPhillies29.2%High44%Below Average2017: 50 2016: N/A 2015: N/A[none]With just 50 major league games to his name; its tough to predict exactly how Hoskins will do this season. What we do know is that he has a very Low Injury Risk with a lot of power in his swing. That should lead to plenty of home runs; runs and RBIs. He should be considered inside the top 50 picks based on his high ceiling.
not rankedDinelson LametPSan Diego Padres43.1%High1.5%Poor2017: 17 2016: N/A 2015: N/Aelbow strain (2018)Lamet gave the Padres a huge scare when he left his last Spring Training start with pain in his pitching elbow. All tests since have been fairly positive, and there\\\'s no structural damage. He could be back in the first week or two of the season, but his injury risk will be increased throughout April. He\\\'s not in the clear just yet.
not rankedPaul DeJongSSCardinals17%Elevated65%Below Average2017: 108 2016: N/A 2015: N/A[none]
not rankedShohei OhtaniSPAngels50.6%High19.5%Poor2017: N/A 2016: N/A 2015: N/Apartial UCL tear (2017); ankle surgery (2017)Ohtani is one of the most volatile picks in fantasy drafts; and frankly he isnt worth a high pick. While Ohtani can contribute on the mound and at the plate (depending on your leagues format); he comes with injury concerns. He underwent ankle surgery in October and also has a partial UCL tear. He doesnt need Tommy John surgery; but it could flare up at times. Thats concerning for a guy who can hit triple digits but also has a nasty slider.
IRC - Injury Risk Category is the likelihood a player will sustain an injury based on many factors that are included in the Inside Injuries algorithm (injury history, games played, age, etc). A player’s injury risk is calculated on a scale of 0-100% (0% is best).

HPF - Health Performance FactorThis number helps you understand the question of, “Is this player 100%?” It will help you determine how healthy a player is on a scale of 0-100% (100% is best). The percentage is calculated based on the frequency and severity of their injury/injuries, as well as several additional factors.

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