Caris LeVert Escapes without Fractures After Gruesome Ankle Injury

November 14, 2018 | insideinjuries | No Comments

Monday night looked like a scary re-enactment of the horrible Gordon Hayward injury that stunned the NBA last season. Caris LeVert went up to block a pass, and came down on his right ankle. On contact with the floor, his right ankle turned inward and appeared to dislocate. LeVert laid on the court in pain as trainers and stuff quickly ran on the court to assess the injury. LeVert was then stretchered off the court and taken to a nearby hospital for further examination.

Great news came out of Brooklyn on Wednesday morning. Despite how awful the injury looked, LeVert miraculously managed to escape with a dislocated ankle that only resulted in moderate ligament damage. No fractures. And no surgery required. Needless to say, this was the absolute best outcome possible. The Nets are expecting LeVert to make a full return at some point this season. Below is what Nets team orthopedist Dr. Martin O’Malley said in a statement:

“Fortunately, tests performance this morning revealed there are no fractures and only moderate ligament damage. While the optics of this injury may have appeared to be more severe, surgery will not be required. Caris will begin a period of rehabilitation with the Nets’ performance staff, following which he is expected to return to full strength and resume all basketball activities without any limitations this season.”

While the Nets have yet to deliver a specific recovery timeline for LeVert, the Inside Injuries algorithm is calculating a 10 week Optimal Recovery Time. This would put LeVert’s return at the end of January.