Isaiah Thomas to Undergo Season-Ending Surgery on Ailing Left Hip

March 28, 2018 | insideinjuries | No Comments

Poor Isaiah Thomas. After missing the Celtic’s final games in the playoffs of the 2016-17 season and missing the first three months of this season recovering from a labrum tear, he is set to undergo season-ending arthroscopic surgery on his left hip. This should have been the treatment plan from the beginning, but Thomas went with the rest and rehab method instead of the surgical route when he first sustained the injury last year. The Optimal Recovery Time for the hip surgery is up to six months.

There has been no other injury in recent memory that has derailed a career as much as this labrum tear has affected Isaiah Thomas. He was considered one of the best point guards in the league last year with the Celtics, but he failed to contribute much on the Cavs roster when he returned to action on January 1. The Cavs traded Thomas to the Lakers, where he now fills a back-up role behind rookie Lonzo Ball. His performance picked up a bit once he joined the Lakers, but it was obvious that he was not the same Isaiah Thomas that led the Celtics to the Easter Conference Finals last year. His hip injury was still a problem.

If Thomas had undergone surgery from the get-go, he would have returned after 6-9 months and would not have faced near the risk of re-aggravation. Surgery helps stabilize the ligaments, and it’s also likely that his performance wouldn’t have suffered as much upon his return.

At the end of last season, Thomas was set to get a max deal when he becomes a free agent this summer. Teams will be weary of Thomas’ health with good reason, but surgery should help decrease his injury risk going forward. The point guard likely won’t get his big pay day, but he should be able to return to a starting role after he fully recovers from surgery.

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