Kawhi Leonard Misses Back-to-Back Set with Hip Injury

December 13, 2018 | insideinjuries | No Comments

Anytime Kawhi Leonard misses more than one game, everyone holds their breath as they remember last year’s nearly year long injury absence. Leonard has now miss both games in a back-to-back set this week with a hip injury. All reports coming out of Toronto indicate that it’s a minor injury, but there is still some cause for concern.

Leonard hasn’t played both games in back-to-back sets all season, so when he missed Tuesday’s matchup, it wasn’t much of a surprise. But he was also quickly ruled out of Wednesday’s game with a bruised right hip. Leonard reportedly sustained the injury on Sunday, and even if it’s just a minor tweak, the Inside Injuries Optimal Recovery Time is still one week.

Last season Leonard missed all but 9 games as he dealt with a lingering quad injury. Though the Spurs doctor’s had medically cleared Leonard to play, he still did not feel healthy. There was talk of misdiagnosis and other medical inconsistencies, which eventually lead to a rift in a relationship between Leonard and the Spurs organization. Leonard was then traded to the Raptors.

This is a contract year for Leonard, so it makes sense that he would show an abundance of caution in dealing with even the slightest injury. The injury is being described as a right hip bruise or contusion, suggesting it was a contact injury. Though it’s possible that it’s an overcompensation injury related to his previous left quad issues, it’s not likely. Leonard should be able to return to action this weekend, according to our algorithm, but if he’s dealing with a slightly more severe bruise, the Optimal Recovery Time jumps to 3 weeks. His injury woes from last season will hold Leonard at a High Injury Risk for at least the next few weeks.

Fred VanVleet will continue to get the start as long as Leonard is out.