Steph Curry Expected to Return After 3 Weeks Out with Groin Injury

November 30, 2018 | insideinjuries | No Comments steph curry knee

After missing the past 11 games with a left groin strain, Steph Curry is schedule to make his return on Saturday against the Pistons. The point guard has ramped up his workouts for the past week, including full-contact scrimmages as he prepares for game-action.

While Curry’s return is great news for fantasy owners and the Warriors, we think it’s coming a bit too soon. Curry sustained the left groin strain on November 9 and an MRI the following day confirmed the injury. He’s spent the past 3 weeks focusing on rest and rehab, but the Inside Injuries algorithm is projecting another 2 weeks until Curry is completely healthy. Our metrics indicate Curry is dealing with a moderate, grade 2 groin strain, an injury that comes with a 5 week Optimal Recovery Time.

The other reason we have concerns about Curry’s early returns is his recent history with lower body injuries. Last season was riddled with injuries, including multiple ankle sprains and an MCL sprain in the post-season. Each time Curry suffered an ankle sprain, he would return a week or so early, and end up tweaking his ankle again just a few weeks later. While it’s unlikely his groin strain is related to Curry’s recurring ankle problems, they both suggest that durability is problem for the sharp shooter.

Curry’s Injury Risk will remain High until he reaches the 5 week mark, and his Below Average Health Performance Factor suggests the injury will hinder his game. The Warriors have lost 6 of the past 11 games without Curry, so it’s no shock they want him back as soon as possible. While his return will certainly give them a boost, he still won’t be playing 100%. Curry’s cutting and explosiveness could be affected if he’s still dealing with pain and weakness in the muscle, making him less effective as a point guard. 

With Curry’s return, Quinn Cook’s fantasy appeal essentially disappears.