Steph Curry Rolls Ankle at Practice

January 10, 2018 | insideinjuries | No Comments

Warriors point guard Stephen Curry reportedly slipped at practice on Wednesday and rolled his right ankle. He is undergoing further evaluation and has been ruled out for Wednesday’s game against the Clippers. Curry also rolled his right ankle in early December that resulted in a grade 2 sprain and 11 games on the sidelines.

Because the injury is to his troublesome right ankle, Curry could be looking at a multi-week absence. Multiple ankle rolls stretch the ligaments and put a player at a higher risk of not only rolling the ankle again, but also sustaining more serious damage to the surrounding ligaments. On top of that, Curry has a history of ankle injuries that date back to 2011. He’s had two ankle surgeries and multiple sprains over the course of his NBA career. If his ankle continues to be a problem, it may take more than just rest and rehab to strengthen the ligaments.

It’s also worth noting that Curry has recently been battling a strained left knee. He was probable for Monday’s game with the injury, but reportedly aggravated it during the game.

Both Curry and Klay Thompson (rest) are out for Wednesday’s game, but Kevin Durant (calf), Draymond Green (knee) and Andre Iguodala (knee, hip) are available to play. Shaun Livingston will likely start at point guard.

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