Adrian Peterson On the Hunt for a New Team After Getting Medically Cleared

May 15, 2018 | insideinjuries | No Comments adrian peterson injuries

Adrian Peterson’s 2017 season ended with a neck injury that would potentially threaten his NFL career. But after getting cleared by three doctors, he is on the hunt for a new team.

Peterson, 33, has played in just 10 games over the last two seasons due to various injuries. In 2016 he tore his meniscus and underwent surgery to repair the damage, which comes with a three month recovery time if all goes well. He returned in week 16 but couldn’t finish the season due to a groin injury. It was related to the surgery he underwent following the 2013 season, where doctors were “able to successfully repair Adrian’s adductor muscle while also doing a compartmental release.” The groin aggravation likely occurred because he returned too quickly. Just because his knee was healed and feeling good doesn’t mean his body is in game-shape. That leads to new injuries like this one.

In 2015, AP had quite a few injuries (hip, finger, shoulder, back, ankle, hamstring) but he played in all 16 games. While none of them directly lead to the meniscus tear, Inside Injuries did list him as a High Injury Risk entering the season, so it was no surprise when he went down so early in the season.

So what can we expect from Adrian Peterson in 2018? That will depend on a few things. One is where he lands and his role on the team. He’s no longer going to be a workhorse, three-down back. But he could find a nice role as a #2 that has some flex upside if he lands in the right spot.

The second factor is his overall health. In his first seven years in the league, AP was a freak who could bounce back from injuries better than anyone we had ever seen. Just look at how he following up his 2011 ACL tear- he went on to play in all 16 games while rushing for over 2,000 yards and 12 touchdowns, one of the best seasons ever for a running back. But at 33 that’s unrealistic.

Peterson’s neck remains a serious concern despite getting medically cleared. Our algorithm is still showing that his Injury Risk is incredibly High. What’s interesting is that his HPF (Health Performance Factor) is Above Average, a sign that he can still play well at times. This lines up with his flashes of dominance after getting traded to the Cardinals last season. It’s not consistent, but he’s still good enough to contribute. Unfortunately he needs to stay on the field to do that, and playing a full season seems like a long-shot.

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