Brandon Marshall Announces Season-Ending Ankle Surgery

October 10, 2017 | insideinjuries | No Comments

The injury trouble going down in New York just got a little worse. Giants’ receiver Brandon Marshall announced on Instagram Monday night that he was having season-ending surgery on his injured ankle. Coach Ben McAdoo originally said Marshall was just dealing with a “sprained” ankle, but it’s obviously a little more serious than that. This is the third receiver that the Giants have lost to a season-ending injury.

Unfortunately, there has been no new information released about the extent of Marshall’s injury or the procedure he is having to correct the damage. It’s possible that a high ankle sprain could require surgery, given that high ankle sprains usually include some level of ligament damage. A small fracture could also require surgery. Marshall is no stranger to ankle injuries in his 11 years in the NFL. It is possible that multiple ankle injuries left tears and debris that require a clean-up procedure. Considering Marshall is turning 34 this year, this could turn into a career-ending surgery.

If Marshall does return next season, stability will be the biggest concern. His cutting and explosiveness could be hindered by lingering weaknesses in his ankle and he will be at an increased injury risk for the rest of his career.

The Giants also lost Odell Beckham Jr. for the remainder of the season during Sunday’s loss. Beckham got his ankle caught up under a defender as he was landing after a catch, and his leg bent unnaturally underneath the weight. His scans confirmed that Beckham sustained a fractured fibula and that the injury would require surgery. Additional scans were done to determine if he also sustained ligament damage, though the results of the scans have not yet been released. The good news is that Beckham should be a full-go by this summer. He’s a young athlete with a short injury history, and bone fractures are much easier to recover from than muscle injuries. As long as he didn’t suffer significant ligament damage, Beckham should be able to make a full recovery.

The third of the trio joining Marshall and Beckham on injured reserve is Dwayne Harris. He fractured his foot on a kick return during Sunday’s loss and will also have season-ending surgery. Harris had not seen a single target in the four first games of the season, but injuries forced him to the No. 2 spot for the night. That leaves Sterling Shepard and Roger Lewis as the two remaining receivers, and Shepard isn’t even healthy. He sustained an ankle sprain during Sunday’s game, though the injury is believed to be similar injury to the ankle sprain he sustained in the preseason. The Inside Injuries algorithm predicts Shepard could be out for two weeks if it’s a fairly mild sprain, or up to four weeks if the sprain is more severe. That leaves Lewis as the Giants’ top wideout for at least the next two weeks.

Marshall and Beckham being out for the season is a huge loss for the Giants, who have yet to manage a single win so far this season. Once Shepard is healthy, he will be the biggest target beneficiary. Eli Manning had already proved relatively ineffective as a fantasy start, but his numbers are going to take an even bigger hit with two of his top receivers out for the season.

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