Cam Newton Finally Undergoes Another Shoulder Surgery

January 25, 2019 | insideinjuries | No Comments

After months of uncertainty, Cam Newton was finally sent to undergo surgery on his troublesome shoulder this week.

Newton initially suffered a rotator cuff tear during the 2016 season but waited until March of 2017 to repair the damage. He was ready to go for the Panthers’ season opener, but Inside Injuries warned that this was a very quick return for a QB coming back from surgery on their throwing shoulder.

Cam made it through the 2017 season without missing any games, but his shoulder wasn’t back to normal. Then came this season. He slowly started to have more and more problems that included a decrease in velocity and accuracy issues as the season went on. The Panthers shut him down for the final two games as it was clear that this wasn’t just some mild soreness. He hoped to avoid surgery, but it always seemed inevitable.

The team reports say that this was an arthroscopic procedure, but that doesn’t tell us much about what exactly was addressed during surgery. Newton will start rehab right away, and the team is optimistic that he will be ready to practice by the start of training camp. They also indicated that he could be throwing by OTAs in around three and a half months.

So what does all of this mean? The timeline suggests that he didn’t have a significant tear to the labrum or rotator cuff as both of these injuries would come with a much longer recovery time, especially for a guy who already underwent a serious shoulder procedure just two years ago. One likely possibility is that Cam was dealing with a rotator cuff tendon tear. This can be addressed with an arthroscopic procedure, and it’s possible for him to be throwing 3-4 months from now if his rehab is going well.

While it’s good news that he likely didn’t re-tear the rotator cuff or suffer a new labral tear, this injury does come with long-term concerns. Newton will enter his 9th season in the league having undergone two significant surgeries to his throwing shoulder. His style of play also doesn’t help. It’s going to be harder for him to stay healthy if he continues to take these big hits. Every time he is hit hard on his right side or takes a hard fall when he is tackled to the ground, his shoulder will be at a much higher risk than most of getting injured.

Newton will be a very risky fantasy option once again in 2019. The Panthers season is going to ride on the health of their franchise QB, who will have never-ending concerns due to his shoulder.