Defensive Player Injuries – Week 1

September 12, 2017 | insideinjuries | No Comments

J.J. Watt DE, HOU

J.J. Watt suffered a finger dislocation and compound fracture during Sunday’s regular season opener, but injury did not sideline the defensive lineman. Watt exited the game briefly to tape up the finger, but was able to return to action. When asked about the injury after the game, Watt simply stated, “just busted the bone through the skin. Nothing bad.” While a compound fracture is not exactly “nothing bad,” Watt is unlikely to miss time to the injury unless he undergoes surgery. But there is a good chance that the injury will affect his performance, specifically his effectiveness when he is hand-to-hand with offensive linemen. “It’s inside my body, so it’s still attached,” was Watts’ response when asked about his recovery.

Ronald Darby DB, PHI

Eagles CB Ronald Darby is expected to miss 4-6 weeks with a dislocated ankle. X-rays and MRI’s have confirmed that Darby avoided any fractures or “major ligament damage,” which is quite honestly a miracle. The injury will not require surgery. If the injury did require surgery, Darby would have missed the rest of the season. Darby will likely seek a second opinion to confirm the diagnosis with Dr. Robert Anderson, a foot and ankle orthopedic specialist in Charlotte, NC. When Darby does return, he will be at an elevated injury risk for the first few weeks. Even though there was no major ligament damage, a dislocation still stretches out the surrounding ligaments, and can create weakness and vulnerability for an aggravation down the road.

Orlando Scandrick DB, DAL

Orlando Scandrick tore his ACL in 2015 and missed the entire season and was limited last season by injuries to both hamstrings. While he claimed he was “fully healthy” back at the end of August, it looks like Scandrick won’t get a chance at a 16 game season until next year. The defensive back suffered a broken left hand, specifically a broken third metacarpal, on Sunday night against the Giants. He underwent surgery to have a plate inserted on Monday and will likely miss between one to two months, according to the Inside Injuries algorithm. Some reports are stating that Scandrick could come back for Week 3, but considering the fact that Scandrick has already broken his left hand once before in 2012, two weeks would not be near enough time to make a full recovery. The first break required surgery and sidelined Scandrick for the last five games of the season.

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