Derrius Guice’s Rookie Season Is Over Before It Ever Began

August 10, 2018 | insideinjuries | No Comments derrius guice knee

The Redskins had high hopes for rookie RB Derrius Guice after drafting him in the second round, but after just one half of preseason football his season has come to an end.

Guice left to be evaluated for a knee injury and was given an initial diagnosis of an MCL sprain. That wouldn’t have been so bad, but unfortunately an MRI showed a torn ACL. His season is of course over. If it is an isolated ACL tear, meaning there is no additional ligament or cartilage damage, he should be ready to participate in much of the Redskins offseason workouts. But any additional damage will lead to a lengthier and more complicated recovery. Just look at Carson Wentz. He tore his LCL in addition to the ACL and is questionable to be ready for week 1. Deshaun Watson just tore the ACL and appeared in the Texans first preseason game.

It’s worth noting that Guice had a concerning injury history throughout college, something we warned about ahead of the season. That included a previous injury to the same knee when he hyperextended it but never underwent surgery. His knee was likely a bit weaker following the prior injury, leaving him more susceptible to a devastating knee injury like this one.

The good news here is that ACL recoveries have come a long way in recent years. Most players can return to their pre-injury form within a year. It’s certainly not how Guice wanted his NFL career to begin, but there’s still hope.

Now the Redskins will turn to Chris Thompson and Samaje Perine in the run game, but they could also be scouring the remaining free agents for some additional help.