Fantasy Football Playoff Injury Concerns- Quarterbacks

December 6, 2017 | insideinjuries | No Comments

With the fantasy football playoffs starting this week, Inside Injuries will take a look at the key injuries at each position and who might have value over the final month of the season. Read on for analysis on quarterback injuries.

IRC = Injury Risk Category (Low, Elevated, High)
HPF = Health Performance Factor (Peak, Above Average, Below Average, Poor)

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Quarterback Injuries

Aaron Rodgers GB: clavicle fracture

IRC: elevated
HPF: below average

To say that the Packers really miss Aaron Rodgers would be a major understatement. Now Green Bay could be just a week away from having their quarterback back.  Rodgers has not played since suffering a clavicle fracture in week 6. He underwent surgery to insert a rod and 13 screws, stabilizing the break. After landing on IR, he is eligible to return in week 15. Rodgers has been doing agility drills in recent weeks, taking snaps, and was even seen launching passes 50 yards downfield.

All of this serves as a sign that he is on track to play next Sunday, and he should be able to play well. Now, the one thing to keep in mind is that 8 weeks is not enough for a fracture to heal completely. The rod and screw inserted during surgery certainly help, but he will remain an Elevated Injury Risk for the remainder of the season. With the return of Aaron Rodgers also comes the return of Jordy Nelson’s fantasy value. Both should be in fantasy lineups whenever Rodgers is activated.

Carson Palmer ARI: arm fracture

IRC: high
HPF: poor

Carson Palmer remains on IR after breaking his left arm in week 7. He is eligible to return in week 16, although there is little indication that it will happen. Palmer had his cast removed just over two weeks ago, but Coach Bruce Arians indicated just a few days later that his guys on IR were not improving as quickly as they had hoped (that includes David Johnson).

Blaine Gabbert has performed well since taking over as the Cardinals starter. Palmer could decide to retire, but should he return there will be an interesting QB battle in Arizona next year. We could also see the Cardinals use their final IR- designated to return spot on Palmer so he can make one last appearance in week 16 or 17 before calling it quits.

Tyrod Taylor BUF: patellar tendon contusion

IRC: high
HPF: below average

Tyrod Taylor injured his knee on the first play of the game last Sunday, but he tried to tough it out and play through it. He hobbled around for the next three quarters before leaving later in the second half. The Bills are calling him day-to-day with a patellar tendon contusion, but week-to-week is more realistic. The good news here is that he avoided ligament damage and should be able to return this season.

Taylor has not practiced yet this week and is a long-shot for week 14. With a 2+ week Optimal Recovery Time, a return in week 15 or 16 is more realistic. When he is healthy, the Bills have said he will remain their starter. If Taylor does happen to play this weekend, his mobility will be affected. This will be a lot about pain management, and moving within the pocket or scrambling puts added stress on the knee. A bruised knee cap is painful, but stability is not affected.

Dak Prescott DAL: hand contusion

IRC: elevated
HPF: below average

Dak Prescott suffered an ugly looking injury when he took a helmet to his hand on an option play last Thursday night. His hand swelled up, but he was able to finish the game. With a week to get the swelling and pain under control, he is already good to go. Even if he misses some practice reps this week, the contusion should not affect him come Sunday.

Going against a Giants team that has all but given up, Prescott will be a fringe QB1 on Sunday. The offense has struggled without Zeke, but they started to turn things around in week 13. Let’s hope they continue on that track.

Matt Stafford DET: hand contusion and ankle sprain

IRC: high
HPF: below average

Matt Stafford and Dak Prescott suffered similar injuries in week 13, but there is more concern with Stafford. The first reason is that he has three less days to recover. That should be enough time to control the swelling in his hand so he can play on Sunday, but it could still affect his throws. The second reason is that Stafford has a host of other injury concerns. Right now it’s his ankle. He was hurt on Thanksgiving, and with a four week Optimal Recovery Time, it has not healed yet.

Heading into week 14, Stafford is a High Injury Risk. He has a great matchup against a Bucs defense that has trouble stopping the pass, but his hand injury will affect his accuracy and ball security. He is a high risk-high reward option for now. If he avoids worsening either injury this weekend, his IRC and HPF numbers should improve for weeks 15, 16 and 17, making him a better fantasy option.

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