NFL DFS Players to Avoid – Divisional Round

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NFL Divisional Round DFS Advice- Players to AVOID

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Ben Roethlisberger – QB PIT

Ben Roethlisberger ranked 9th in fantasy points per game this year. That’s pretty good. The Jaguars defense ranked 1st in fantasy points per game this year. That’s better. So who wins a matchup between a very good quarterback and an elite defense. Well, if this season means anything, the defense. In their match up earlier this year, the Jaguars held Roethlisberger to a 60% completion percentage, and they picked him off 5 times. Yes, Roethlisberger was elite down the stretch, but it’s hard to believe that he just had a bad day against the Jaguars. Expect him to struggle again this week.

Rex Burkhead – RB NE

Burkhead has been a favorite among DFS players this season with his low salary and his high touchdown numbers, but this week won’t be his week. First of all, he is not 100% healthy, as he has been dealing with a knee injury for the past few weeks. While he is likely to play, he won’t be able to perform at full capacity. This will limit his effectiveness, as well as potentially his volume as the Patriots try to keep him healthy. Additionally, the Titans defense is very bad at stopping the pass, and pretty good at stopping the run. This works in the Patriots favor, as that is how their offense works best, so they are likely to throw all day. So don’t expect Burkhead to score enough points to even make up for his low salary.

Martavis Bryant – WR PIT

As we have gone over multiple times, the Jaguars have a good defense. They are especially good at stopping the pass game. And they are especially good at stopping deep passes. This is not good news for Martavis Bryant. Martavis Bryant is a deep threat, and that’s really all he can do. Among wide receivers in the playoffs, Bryant ranks 3rd in yards/catch, meaning that he gets the majority of his yards on deeper pass plays. The Steelers will likely be looking more towards Antonio Brown on short slants and quick screens, as well as the run game, meaning that Bryant will likely not get too many targets. While AB remains an Elevated Injury Risk, he should be healthy enough to be a solid contributor. That lowers Bryant’s ceiling.

Kyle Rudolph – TE MIN

The Saints have a pretty good pass defense overall, but they are particularly good at stopping the tight end game. On the season, the Saints have allowed 18.1% fewer fantasy points to tight ends than average. While Rudolph is significantly cheaper than the likes of Gronk and Ertz, he probably isn’t going to provide the same type of value. Not only because Rudolph just isn’t as good as Gronk or Ertz, but also because he has a significantly tougher opponent. His ankle is also a slight concern, making him a riskier option.

Minnesota Vikings – DEF

It is pretty obvious that the worst defense left in the playoffs is Tennessee, and because of that I don’t feel the need to pick them as my defense to avoid. So instead, I will go with the Vikings. They have a very tough opponent this week in the Saints, a team that has a HoF-level quarterback and two 1,500-yard running backs. Additionally, the Vikings offense is not looking like it will have a great game, which could mean the Vikings defense could be on the field a lot and they may tire out. There are plenty of other good defense with easier matchups, such as the Eagles, Steelers, and Jaguars, so target one of those instead.

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