NFL Injury Roundup – Week 16

December 24, 2018 | insideinjuries | No Comments

Matt Breida RB, 49ers: ankle injury

Yet again Matt Breida aggravated the ankle injury that started back in October, and this time he wasn’t able to finish the game. I can’t understand why the 49ers could possibly think it’s a good idea to run Breida out there each week, but here we are. He was hurt early when he got rolled up on from behind. Breida was later seen on the sideline with his ankle heavily taped but he didn’t ever return to the field. With nothing to play for, he shouldn’t play in the season-finale. There’s too much at risk.

Eric Ebron TE, Colts: concussion

In the Colts comeback win over the Giants, Ebron left in the second quarter to be evaluated for a concussion and did not return. He took a big hit on his third reception of the day. Ebron has an incredibly long injury history, but it doesn’t include a history of head injuries. He entered week 16 an Elevated Injury Risk, and now his IRC has jumped even higher. With a week to recover, he could play in their crucial Sunday night game in week 17, but it’s nearly impossible to predict how long it will take a player to clear concussion protocol. Right now we are showing a minimum two week Optimal Recovery Time, so playin 7 days from now would be a risk. Concussions have a cumulative effect and are most likely to occur within a close time frame.

Demaryius Thomas WR, Texans: torn Achilles

When Thomas went down with a non-contact left leg injury, it was quickly evident that he ruptured his Achilles. This is one of those injuries that you know right away. He will undergo an MRI to confirm the diagnosis, but it’s pretty clear that he will undergo season-ending surgery. In 2011 Thomas tore the Achilles to his other leg. It’s not uncommon for a player to eventually tear the Achilles on the opposite side years later. Thomas is going to have a tough time recovering by the start of the 2019 season, as the recovery typically takes 11-12 months. Even then he will have a long way to go to get back into football shape and for the rest of his body to catch up after so much time off.

Tevin Coleman RB, Falcons: groin strain

Each week the Falcons seem to grow more and more depleted at the running back position. First it was starter Devonta Freeman, who landed on I.R. with a groin injury in the first month of the season. Then Ito Smith aggravated a knee injury last week and landed on I.R. Now Coleman is dealing with a groin injury. He picked up 51 yards on 10 carries before his exit. Groin injuries are tough to recover from in just one week, so we could see a lot more of rookie RB Brian Hill in their meaningless meeting with the Bucs next Sunday. Coleman has been at least a 13% Injury Risk (Elevated) for most of the season due to his history – in recent years he has battled everything from soft tissue injuries (hamstring) to ankle/knee problems to concussions. If he does end up being active, he will be a risky fantasy option in week 17. His injuries will be something for teams to consider as he enters free agency following the season.

Dante Pettis WR 49ers: knee injury

Pettis suffered a scary knee injury in week 16, but the 49ers are hopeful that he avoided an ACL tear and just has an MCL injury. It will still end his season, but most MCL tears don’t require surgery. That would mean Pettis would have a relatively normal offseason and should enter next season fully healthy. The rookie has come on strong since November and will finish the season with 27 receptions for 467 yards and 5 TDs. With the early loss of Jimmy Garoppolo and Jerick McKinnon to torn ACLs, we never had the chance to see what this offense was capable of, but Pettis should be an important piece entering next season.

Marcus Mariota QB, Titans: stinger

For the third time this season, Mariota was forced out of the game with a nerve injury to his throwing arm. The Titans called it a stinger, which indicates nerve damage near the neck/shoulder. Early in the season Mariota battled nerve damage that affected his grip and left him with tingling in his throwing arm. Then he suffered a stinger that was closer to his shoulder. This time the nerve damage seems to be near his elbow. All of these are somewhat related, and it raises serious questions about Mariota’s durability. These latest injuries are on top of his past season-ending injuries, a 2016 fibula fracture and a 2015 MCL sprain.

The Titans have a crucial meeting next Sunday night that will determine if they make the playoffs, and there’s a very strong possibility that Tennessee will have to do it with Blaine Gabbert under center. Mariota could serve as the emergency backup as he did early in the season, but if his grip is affected that’s nearly impossible for a quarterback to play through.

While many fantasy football playoffs will be over after week 16, that doesn’t mean Inside Injuries will stop our coverage and analysis on NFL injuries. Throughout the week we will keep you updated on everyone from James Conner to Todd Gurley! Follow us on Twitter for live updates all week long.