Why OBJ Isn’t Being A Baby By Sitting with a Bruised Quad

December 8, 2018 | insideinjuries | No Comments

Odell Beckham Jr. was surprisingly ruled out for week 14 as he struggles to recover from a bruised quad. While this might sounds like a very minor injury that he should be able to play through, it can be tough to recover from in just a week. He’s getting some heat for sitting this one out, but it’s the right decision for his long-term health.

Bruised quads become difficult injuries to recover from when the muscle tightens up. If a few days of treatment doesn’t loosen up the quad muscles, there are a two main reasons why it can be tough to play through.

First, it can lead to a strain, which is a more serious injury than a bruise. A contusion can heal within two weeks, but a mild to moderate strain can take as long as five weeks to heal. By resting this weekend, OBJ has a very good chance to recover ahead of the Giants’ week 15 meeting with the Titans.

The second reason it’s difficult to play through a quad contusion is that a player’s mobility will be limited if the muscle is tight. The two main things a quad injury affects are running (both accelerating and running at full speed) and jumping. The quad is one of the most important muscles for both of those movements. It also helps to absorb impact when landing, crucial when jumping to reach for a ball thrown in the air.

OBJ would be putting himself at a High Injury Risk if he tried to tough it out and play on Sunday. Right now he sits at a 38% Injury Risk, which is very concerning. Inside Injuries is showing a 2-3 week Optimal Recovery Time, so this should improve significantly ahead of week 15 if he can make it through practice next week without any setbacks.

This is a tough outcome for Beckham’s fantasy owners, but it’s the right move by the Giants. They need to protect OBJ, who has come back from injuries too soon in the past and suffered more serious injuries. Just look at what happened in 2017 – he came back early from his high ankle sprain and ended up needing surgery after tearing ligaments and suffering a fracture. While this situation isn’t quite as extreme, it serves as a good warning. The Giants don’t have much to play for outside of ruining other teams’ playoff chances.