James Rodriguez Again Forced Off After Just 30 Minutes Due to Injury

June 28, 2018 | insideinjuries | No Comments

If Colombia is going to advance to the Knockout Round, they will have to do so without James Rodriguez. What was initially called muscle fatigue was actually a calf strain that forced him out of Colombia’s starting lineup for their first World Cup match. He was used as a sub, but he clearly wasn’t 100%. He made it back into the starting lineup for their second match, a decisive 3-0 win against Poland. With no setbacks, Rodriguez was again in the starting lineup Thursday in a crucial meeting with Senegal. Unfortunately he lasted just 30 minutes before being subbed off due to injury. Rodriguez was clearly hampered by the injury earlier in the half as he was seen limping around the pitch at times.

Despite making it through the match earlier in the week, Inside Injuries continued to say that Rodriguez’s Injury Risk remained High due to the calf strain. This is an injury that tends to linger and pop up again, even when a player feels like they are healthy. A mild strain comes with a 2-3 week Optimal Recovery Time (ORT), indicating his Injury Risk would remain a concern throughout the tournament. A moderate strain has a longer ORT of 4-6 weeks.

Now that Rodriguez has re-aggravated the injury, his recovery time essentially resets. If Colombia can advance without him, he won’t be ready to play at full strength in the Knockout Round. He is so important to this team that they could try to play him, even late in the game as a sub, but he will be a serious risk of making his injury worse, and he won’t be healthy enough to play at his best. The risk may be worth it on such a big stage, but expectations need to be tempered.

This is clearly a huge loss for Colombia and not the way they wanted to proceed in this tournament. No one is more important to this squad than Rodriguez.

Colombia needs a win or a tie and a Poland win over Japan to advance. They now face a much tougher task in the second half without their superstar.

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