Paul Pogba Exits Champions League Match with Hamstring Injury

September 13, 2017 | insideinjuries | No Comments

The France international injured his hamstring in a Champions League match against FC Basel last night. He tried to play through the injury but eventually limped off the field in the first half.

Pogba was seen leaving the arena on crutches after the game, which gives cause for concern that this injury will keep him sidelined for a while. According to the Inside Injuries algorithm, Pogba’s ORT (Optimal Recovery Time) should be around six weeks. Jose Mourinho already ruled him out for this weekend’s match with Everton.

Mourinho told MUTV:

“I don’t know. I just know from experience it’s a muscular injury. In my experience, muscular injury stops you from playing for a few weeks, I think.

“It looks for me too [like a hamstring injury] but I haven’t spoken yet to the medical department.

“Squads are for this, squads are for injuries, squads are for suspensions. We don’t cry with injuries. So if no Paul for Sunday, we have [Ander] Herrera, we have [Michael] Carrick, we have [Marouane] Fellaini and we have [Nemanja] Matic.”

Pogba has dealt with hamstring problems in the past, most recently last spring. He was out for three weeks with the injury. Back in 2015 Pogba also missed two months with a hamstring issue.

Considering the tendency of hamstring injuries to nag, on top of the fact that this is already a recurring injury, Pogba will likely be out a full two months before returning to the pitch. Playing through hamstring injuries isn’t really an option and considering how well his replacement Marouane Fellaini played on Tuesday, Manchester United has the depth to allow Pogba the time to make a full recovery.

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