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TEAM ANALYSIS: For the first time in their nation’s history, Panama earned a ticket to the World Cup. This team is driven, but they don’t exactly have the talent to make a run. They also come with some injury concerns. Alberto Quintero is out indefinitely after suffering a fracture to the second metatarsal in his right foot. It’s hard to see him taking the field at any point in Russia. Roman Torres also just missed 5 weeks with a right hamstring strain that will come with some lingering effects, and it has lead to a High Injury Risk for him. It’s also worth noting that star player Armando Cooper suffered a head injury against Belgium, but returned to the match after being evaluated on the sidelines. He could be playing through a concussion. With a tough draw and concerns over the team’s health, Panama are a long-shot to advance past the Group Stage.




Jaime Penedo G, Dinamo Bukarest

  • Lesion in the right thigh (August 2017, missed 2 weeks)

Román Torres D, Seattle Sounders

  • Right hamstring muscle injury (April 2018, missed 5 weeks)
  • Hamstring injury (May 2017, missed 3 weeks)
  • Left hamstring strain (April 2017, missed 2.5 weeks)
  • Torn left ACL (September 2015, missed 49 weeks)

Felipe Baloy D, CSD Municipal

  • Muscle tear right thigh (May 2017, missed 5 weeks)
  • Cruciate ligament rupture in right knee (June 2014, missed 31 weeks)

Michael Amir Murillo D, NY Redbulls

  • Partial MCL tear in right knee (May 2015, missed 3 weeks)

Fidel Escobar D, NY Redbulls

  • Adductor injury right thigh (March 2018, missed 2.5 weeks)

Éric Davis D, Dunajska Streda

  • Quad injury (November 2016, missed 2 weeks)

Gabriel Gómez M, Bucaramanga

  • Right hamstring contusion (April 2018, missed 1 week)
  • Right MCL distension (October 2017, missed 3 weeks)
  • Minor wound (July 2015, missed 1 week)

Armando Cooper M, Universidad de Chile – QUESTIONABLE

  • Head injury/concussion (June 2018, Game 1 against Belgium)

Alberto Quintero M, Universitario – DOUBTFUL

  • Fractured second metatarsal in right foot (June 2018, out indefinitely)
  • Right thigh tear (January 2018, missed 4 weeks)
  • Right thigh strain (October 2017, missed 1 week)

Aníbal Godoy M, San Jose Earthquakes

  • Left knee injury (August 2017, missed 2 weeks)
  • Hip injury (May 2017, missed 1 week)
  • Left hamstring injury (August 2016, missed 3.5 weeks)
  • Grade 1 sprain left knee (March 2016, missed 3 weeks)

Gabriel Torres F, Huachipato

  • Non-displaced fracture of the third metacarpal right hand (July 2017, missed 1 week)
  • Unknown Injury (February 2017, missed 1 week)
  • Unknown Injury (August 2016, missed 1.5 week)

Abdiel Arroyo F, LD Alajuelense

  • Right knee external meniscus operation (November 2017, missed 8 weeks)

Blas Pérez F, CSD Municipal

  • Left thigh injury (March 2017, missed 1 week)
  • Muscle Injury (July 2016, missed 1.5 weeks)

Luis Tejada F, Sport Boys

  • Acute right hamstring tendinopathy (March 2018, missed 2 weeks)
  • Left thigh tear (July 2017, missed 2 weeks)


Group ARussia / Saudi Arabia / Egypt / Uruguay 

Group BPortugal / Spain / Morocco / Iran

Group CFrance / Australia / Peru / Denmark

Group DArgentina / Iceland / Croatia / Nigeria

Group EBrazil / Switzerland / Costa Rica / Serbia

Group FGermany / Mexico / Sweden / South Korea

Group GBelgium / Panama / Tunisia / England

Group HPoland / Senegal / Colombia / Japan

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