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Injuries Can Wreak Havoc With Your World Cup Picks

Knowing the true health of each team and each player is the real secret to making the smartest World Cup picks. Nobody provides more accurate injury analysis than our group of sports orthopedic surgeons and data scientists.

We provide data-driven insights on the health of each player to help you make intelligent picks throughout the World Cup


Inside Injuries is analyzing new injury risk data daily so you can make the smartest decisions when picking players and teams.


Every data point we capture enhances the valuable insights we provide to our users. Nothing impacts the performance of a player more than a key injury. We won’t let you get caught off guard…we’ll actually give you the edge you need to win!


Inside Injuries will give you more confidence by providing in-depth analysis of all of the top players in the World Cup. Rely on our expert team of medical professionals and data scientists when making picks, not just your gut!

Real Analysis From Real Doctors

Everything you need to know about significant injuries currently affecting each player will be featured. Let us give you all the insights you need to make even better decisions and picks throughout the World Cup!

Anand P. Lalaji M.D. (Dr. A) is the Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Inside Injuries. Dr. A is also the CEO and Chief Medical Officer of The Radiology Group L.L.C., which he established in 2006. Dr. A. is a board certified radiologist with a sub-specialty in orthopedic medicine. He is an active member of the Society of Skeletal Radiology and specializes in sports medicine diagnoses.

“The experts at Inside Injuries have been a major influence on how I draft my teams. After nailing Devonta Freeman’s concussion issues last year, I will never draft another team without consulting Dr. A and the rest of the team at Inside Injuries. I feel like just knowing them I have a real advantage!”

Greg Sussman
Gregg Sussman, Senior Content Manager and Talk Show Host, Fantasy Sports and Entertainment Group

“I play in a lot of fantasy, in several sports with a lot of formats from DFS to Dynasty, so I always want to be current regarding who is hurt, who is ailing, and who is healthy. The best place I have found for such information is Inside Injuries, who cover all the major sports, using the medical training and analysis of Dr. A to drill down to the whys, wherefores, and what ifs of potential performance. If part of your game is staying current on health and related risk management, then Inside Injuries is the place for you, too!”

Lawr Michaels
Managing General Partner, Mastersball and Founder Creativesports