NBA Injury Roundup – Week 17

February 6, 2019 | insideinjuries | No Comments kyrie irving knee surgery

John Wall PG, Wizards: torn Achilles tendon

John Wall had already been ruled out for the season after undergoing a procedure to address a deformity in his left heel along with chronic Achilles tendinitis. Then the Wizards announced on Tuesday that Wall had suffered a torn left Achilles, reportedly from slipping and falling in his home. The area was already weakened from his previous surgery, and doctors did not even diagnose to tendon tear until Wall went in for a procedure to address an infection that occurred around the original procedure site. The Wizards have not announced when Wall will undergo surgery to address the tendon tear, but it will likely be once the previous incision site is infection-free. It will be at least 12 months until Wall can get back on the court, but it could be 18 months until he really starts to look like himself again.

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Mo Bamba C, Magic: stress fracture in left leg

The rookie center missed Saturday’s game with what was originally called a sore left leg, but further evaluation revealed Bamba was actually dealing with a stress fracture. As of right now, Bamba is not expected to undergo surgery, but that means he will be looking at a longer Optimal Recovery Time (now 12+ weeks compared to 8 with surgery). There is a good chance he will miss the rest of the season. If he returns before the stress fracture is fully healed, he will be putting himself at risk of making the fracture worse and lengthening his recovery time. 

Kyrie Irving PG, Celtics: strained left hip

Irving missed Tuesday’s matchup with the Cavaliers, making it his 7th game on the sidelines since the start of 2019. He’s been dealing with a left hip strain that calls for periodic rest, but continuing to play through the injury just puts him at a High Injury Risk, according to the Inside Injuries algorithm. Given Irving’s contract is up this summer, it’s in his best interest to sit out until he can fully shake this hip strain. Irving has had multiple lower body injuries in the past, so this isn’t a great sign for his overall durability.

Derrick Rose PG, Timberwolves: right ankle sprain

Derrick Rose is one of the most injured players in the NBA. He has dealt with an injury to almost every body part, but his real weakness is his ankles. Unfortunately, he tweaked his right ankle in the second half of Saturday’s game, and it’s looking like the injury will turn into a multi-game absence. Rose is virtually always a High Injury Risk. If he’s just dealing with a mild sprain, the ORT is 2-3 weeks.

Wilson Chandler PF, Clippers: right quad injury

Chandler was already playing through a left hamstring strain when he suffered a right quad injury last Thursday. He had only missed one game to the hamstring injury, even though the Inside Injuries ORT was at least one week. It’s likely that the right quad injury was a result of overcompensation from lingering soreness in Chandlers’ left hamstring. He was ruled out for 2-3 weeks after sustaining the quad injury, though he might need an additional week or so to completely heal both muscle injuries. Chandler has since been traded to the Clippers, so it will be a few weeks before he can get in practice sessions with his new team.

Eric Gordon SG, Rockets: sore right knee

Gordon has been dealing with knee problems for the past week or so, but he continues to play through the injury. He first tweaked his right knee last Friday and headed back to the locker room for evaluation. Gordon did not return to the game but suggested that he did not return only due to stiffness. He then tried to play through the injury on Saturday but limped off the court late in the fourth quarter. While he did sit for Monday’s matchup, he’s listed as questionable for Wednesday’s game against the Kings. It’s not smart to keep playing through this injury, hence Gordon’s High Injury Risk. It will be 3 weeks until Gordon is back to 100%.

Tobias Harris F, 76ers: right shoulder strain

Harris suffered a right shoulder strain last Thursday, but instead of taking a week off to rest the injury, Harris attempted to play through the injury and aggravated it during warmups on Saturday. He has continued to play through the injury but hasn’t looked right since last week. Harris was traded to the 76ers last night, but they won’t be getting the best version of Harris for the first few weeks as he continues to heal from the shoulder strain. It usually takes 2 weeks for a player to heal from a mild shoulder strain.

Jusuf Nurkic C, Trail Blazers: right knee injury

Nurkic sat out last Wednesday with a right knee injury, and while it looked at first like the Blazers were just Nurkic some rest with a relaxed schedule ahead, it was obvious in Tuesday’s game that he was far from 100%. Nurkic was not listed on the injury report for Tuesday’s matchup, but it was obvious from his 2-of-7 stat line that he his still being affected by his knee injury. Even a mild knee sprain requires 2-3 week of recovery time, so Nurkic is still a week or so away from being healthy.

Paul Millsap PF, Nuggets: right ankle soreness

It wasn’t a huge surprise to see Millsap added to the injury report on Monday after having a scoreless game two days before. Millsap was ruled out of Monday’s game and is being listed as questionable for Wednesday along with Jamal Murray (ankle). Millsap suffered a broken big toe is his right foot earlier in the season, but it is unlikely that this injury is related. According to the Inside Injuries algorithm, Millsap is looking at a 2-3 week ORT.  

Kyle Lowry PG, Raptors: lingering back soreness

This was a big blow to the Raptors. Lowry has dealt with back and tailbone issues for a while now, but they flared up again this weekend. He missed Sunday’s game but was able to get back out there on Tuesday. Unfortunately, Lowry admitted to the press that his back issues will likely hinder him all season. He said that he’s not dealing with “disc problems” or a “bulging disc,” but that it’s just “wear and tear” and a “sore back.” Though it’s good to know that Lowry isn’t dealing with disc problems, he could still be dealing with a small fracture or muscle strain in his back. Back injuries of all kinds are tricky and easily aggravated. This is definitely something to keep an eye on.

Devin Booker SG, Suns: right hamstring injury

Booker missed the last six minutes of Monday’s game after grabbing his hamstring and exiting the game. He has since claimed he felt “fine” after Monday’s game and doesn’t want to miss any time. Unfortunately, hamstring strains are highly recurrent injuries and require a player take the full ORT if they want to avoid an aggravation. In this case, the Inside Injuries algorithm has calculated a 3 week ORT for Booker. It’s also important to note that Booker missed time earlier in the season with a left hamstring strain.